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The Majors Fair can change your life

Its crazy to think back to the time when I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my time here at Central. I came into school certain that I was going to be a Graphic Design major, but after taking classes for about a year I realized that graphic design just wasn’t for me.

So over the Summer I had a continuous panic attack because I didn’t know what I wanted to major in. I had been so certain of my future and what I was going to do with my life, and when things got turned upside down, I felt sort of lost. What was I going to do with my life? What was the point of going to school when I didn’t have any direction?

Coming back to school I heard about the Majors Fair that was going on and I figured that it was worth a shot. I had heard that a lot of professors and advisers would be there to help people figure out what they wanted to do, but I was a little hesitant. How could someone that doesn’t even know me help me figure out what I would study when I didn’t even know myself? But I went anyway, dragging my best friend with me, of course.

I walked around in the ballroom lost and even more confused than I was before. It was overwhelming all of the options that were available and it seemed as though all the professors were trying to convince me their subject was the best for me. I knew that I wanted to do something in the way of advertising, so I thought I would venture over the Communications Department to learn more about what they offered. After talking to a professor a little bit, I knew that this was where I belonged! Every major they offered sounded like something I would really enjoy doing for the rest of my life and I felt like a load was off of my shoulders.

So I guess the point of this post is to really encourage all of you to go to the majors fair today from noon to 3 p.m. in the SURC Ballroom. If you are confused, questioning your major, or want to find a minor this will seriously help you.

Drag your friends along and change your future!

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