How far can you climb?

Want to know how far you can climb in a month? OPR’s Vertical Challenge will answer that question, with teams of two keeping track of how many feet they climb on the CWU Climbing Wall during the month of May. Registration is available at OPR and is $50 for teams of two and $25 for single entries. All participants must be Top-Rope Belay certified and complete the pre-registration by Friday, April 26. This event is open only to CWU students and Recreation Center members.

Throughout the month, each team will log their total distanced climbed after each trip to the Climbing Wall. At the end of May, their totals will be calculated and compared to some of the tallest mountains in the world. Prizes from Black Diamond Equipment and Sterling Rope will be awarded to teams that accumulate distances comparable to mountains like Stuart, Rainer, McKinley and Everest.

For more information contact OPR at 509-963-3537 or

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