Fill out those SEOI’s!

ATTENTION Central students: we want to hear from you!

Student Evaluations of Instruction (SEOIs) are now available and DUE MONDAY, JUNE 3! Students are highly encouraged to submit their SEOIs soon and give feedback, provide opinions/comments and rate their professors and courses.

A change for this quarter are that the SEOI forms are also shorter and are available for only one week.

To access the SEOI forms students can follow the links e-mailed to their CWU email account, visit BlackBoard or download the free App.

Central takes these assessments very seriously, and professors use them to adjust their classes, making them more efficient and beneficial for students in the future. SEOIs are used in the faculty and tenure review processes as well as for the accreditation of CWU. The more students who respond to SEOIs the more weight they carry.

For more information or questions contact Dr. Tom Henderson at or visit