Have you met the new ASCWU-BOD?

The Associated Students of Central Washington University Board of Directors (ASCWU-BOD) serves as CWU’s student body government. The Board consists of seven elected student officers who work hard to represent all students equally and fairly and to ensure that their voices are heard. From facilities to academics, the ASCWU-BOD helps advocate for student concerns and create programs to make the college experience more memorable.

2013-2014 Officers
Brian Elliott

Executive Vice President
Jacob Wittman

Vice President for Clubs and Organizations
Mary Orthmann

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Kelsie Miller

Vice President for Student Life and Facilities
Scott Kazmi

Vice President for Equity and Community Affairs
Spencer Flores

Vice President for Legislative Affairs
Cassandra DuBore

Feel free to contact the ASCWU-BOD with questions, comments or concerns at 509-963-1693, ascwu@cwu.edu, www.cwu.edu/ascwu or in the Student Union and Recreation Center (SURC), room 236.ASCWU-BOD_13-14

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