Publicity Center takes SURC Halloween Decorating Contest to New Horror Heights

A woman runs, shrieking, from her demise at the hands of a zombie. Chilling music reverberates from the walls and strewn body parts mingle in the crunching leaves. Spider webs threaten to ensnare any who wander here and the phantom hands protruding from the wall seek their next victims.

No, you’re not on the set of the Walking Dead or trapped in Hannibal Lecter’s lair. You’ve entered the Publicity Center’s Haunted Hallway of spooktacular horror – insert terrifying muahahaha laugh here – and unless you vote for Publicity as the best in the SURC’s Halloween decoration contest, yours will be the next pair of legs protruding from our printer of doom. (I’m kind of kidding.)

Voting is simpler than being attacked by a werewolf – which you might be if you don’t vote for us – just come up to SURC 272 and fill out a ballot. Feel free to take a piece of our FREE CANDY, just mind the brain and any other organs that may be lurking in the dish. We in the Publicity Center would love your vote more than that angry mob loved chasing Frankenstein. And we really mean that.


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