Outdoor Speaker Series: Michael and David Hanson present “Chattahoochee: Who Owns Water?”

Have you ever wondered who determines how water is distributed? What exactly are people’s legal rights when it comes to water? Who decides this?

David and Michael Hanson will present “Chattahoochee: Who Owns Water?” as the final speakers in the Outdoor Speaker Series Thursday, February 27th at 7pm in the SURC Theatre. Admission is free and open to the public.

In March of 2013 the Hanson brothers set off to the east coast with these questions in mind as they paddled the length of the Chattahoochee-Flint-Apalachicola rivers in Georgia, Alabama and Florida on a 30-day canoe trip. With the demand for water rising so rapidly, there is fear that the ever-growing city of Atlanta will eventually outgrow its reservoir if it continues to use water at such a rate.

While canoeing through nearly 500-miles of river water, the brothers spoke with locals, fishermen and others involved in agriculture and industry to get their ground-level perspective on this growing issue. Through multiple interviews, they discovered that everyone claimed the water belonged to them. One fisherman even admitted that he didn’t care if Atlanta had water to use, as long as his area had enough. According to their blog, Michael stated, “we read the headlines and watched the news reports but we wanted to move more at the river’s speed and meet its people. Maybe there was more to the story.”

Does Georgia own the Chattahoochee? Or is it Alabama? Who authorizes water usage? The answers to these questions and more will be discussed Thursday when the Hanson brothers review the results of their research and discuss how everyone can help raise awareness and save a non-renewable resource essential to our survival.

To learn more about the Hanson brothers and their journey come to the SURC Theatre on Thursday at 7pm or visit http://www.whoownswater.org




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