Conquer your fear of cooking with Dine & Tote

Do you miss mom’s home cooked meals? Are the pile of pizza boxes stacked in your room turning on you? Maybe you’re in the mood for some nutrition?

Well you’re in luck!

On Wednesdays, Oct. 22 and Nov. 19, CWU students will get a hands on opportunity to learn about cooking meals that are both sustainable and affordable, with the help of Dr. Rebecca Pearson, at two Dine and Tote events this fall.

Oct Dine and Tote Poster

The theme for the first session is cancer preventing super foods. Students will learn to cook healthy foods linked with helping to reduce the risk of cancer. These include: meatless tomato pasta with whole grain noodles, steamed broccoli, and blueberry muffins. Now you can impress yourself and your roommates with these delicious recipes. And fellas, ladies love guys that can cook.

The second session will focus on favorite Thanksgiving meals, just in time for students to surprise loved ones during the holiday with their newfound culinary skills.

Kylie Bartlett, peer health educator for the Wellness Center, says Dine and Tote is a great experience and shouldn’t be passed up by students. “It provides more information for how to cook for yourself in a healthy manner,” Bartlett said. “And, it’s totally fun.”

With beneficial advice from Dr. Pearson and tips on nutritious and stress-free cooking, leftovers wont be the only thing that students get to take home with them after the cooking session is through.

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