Lion Rock Returns to Campus!

Lion Rock packed the house last night.

With standing-room only, the first installment of the 2014-15 Lion Rock Visiting Writers Series landed at the Wildcat Shop, and what a blow-out success it was.  Poet, essayist, and educator Dr. Adrianne Kalfopoulou shared the evening with the CWU and Ellensburg communities, reading from her newly-published collection of essays “Ruin: Essays in Exilic Living,” as well as poetry from “Wild Greens” and “Passion Maps.”


I had the opportunity to interview Adrianne a week ago, while she was in New York City for a reading at NYU.  I mean literally, she was on the sidewalk outside of NYU, on the phone with me for the better part of half an hour.  There was no reason for me to expect this level of attention and dedication from her, considering the tight schedule her book tour had her under, but she offered it to me regardless.

The genuine grace and attention she offered me, despite her busy schedule, was refreshing and offered me first-hand insight into her compassionate approach to her craft and her readers.  Meeting Adrianne last night was a treat, and the depth of emotion within her reading was lived up to and exceeded what I have come to expect of Lion Rock presentations.

What a wonderful time we all had; if you were in attendance, I’m sure you agree.  Lion Rock’s next installment features writer and educator Debra Marquart on Wednesday, Nov. 5.  Please be there, this series is one of the gems of our campus.

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