If you didn’t go to REEL ROCK Film Tour last night then you missed out on the best night ever.

Let me paint you a picture.

You walk into the SURC, shake off your rain soaked shoes and loosen your parka from the gripping cold. You smell the new floors and see students walking briskly past you. But then you hear it…

“Is that music?” you ask yourself.

“Well yes young fawn, it is music,” I say over your shoulder. You turn around but I’m gone.

You decide to shrug off what just happened and follow the music upstairs to the SURC mezzanine. There, you see the wonderfulness right before your eyes.

REEL ROCK Film Tour in full swing.

If the house is a rockin’

REEL ROCK Film Tour features some of rock climbing’s best and boldest personalities on screen. This year, REEL ROCK celebrated it’s 9th anniversary by screening climbing’s biggest movie yet, “Valley Uprising.”

For OPR – the event’s sponsor – this meant a huge opportunity to get the community involved and create the film tour’s best year yet at CWU. Luckily, they did just that.

With over 100 in attendance, this marks REEL ROCK’s largest attendance ever. So exciting!

The party keeps on goin

Featuring free ice-cream graciously donated by Winegars, free Redbull and climbing activities, this may have been the best REEL ROCK ever created. Ever.

After the film’s run time was over, OPR had an after party scheduled for those over 21 years old to drink…gatorade. I wasn’t able to attend but from what I hear, it rocked (get it?)

All things considered, REEL ROCK was a blast (get it? sorry…). Hopefully, the festivities can continue every year here after.

If you’re in town next year then don’t miss out, you’ll regret it! If not for me, do it for the ice-cream.



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