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Keep Calm and Study On Wildcats

No, seriously, just calm down for a second and have some perspective. In the immortal words of Mindy Gledhill, “Breeeaaattthhhhheeeeee, just breeeaaatthhhheeeee.” Okay, I’ll stop with the 2000’s pop music now (great, now it’s stuck in my head).


As Publicity Writer Chloe Allmand once said, “keep calm.” And she said it again, and again, and again….and again (and again). Though repetition can sometimes hurt a message (I’m looking at you Geico commercials) her words instead cut through the silence like a butter knife through soft…butter. Like a gallant knight atop the mighty steed of calmness, riding through the broken nation of Gondor on a quest for the ring of power, those two words spoken that day have forever changed me; and may they forever change you as well.

It’s finals week and it’s the perfect moment to run around like your hair is on fire (breaaattthhheeeee, just breeeeaaatthhhheeee. It won’t get out!). Well, don’t. Unless, your hair really is on fire in which case you should call 9-11 immediately. I’M NOT JOKING CALL 9-11 RIGHT NOW.

Keep Calm, Study On

Getting back on track, *throat clear*, it’s not the end of the world. Not by a long shot. In fact, it’s so much not like the end of the world that if it was the end of the world that it wouldn’t be anything like it is right now, because the end of the world wouldn’t resemble this moment in time because it isn’t not the end of the world, which it isn’t. What? (brrreeeaaattthhheee, just brreeaaattthhhheeee. I. Can’t. Stop.)

In situations of high stress and anxiety, just do what I do. Think about your friends, your family and all the love you have in life. Think about Winter break being right on the precipice, about spending cold nights huddled near a fire at home, away from college. Think about a break from classes, homework and professors always asking you to put your shirt back on and to stop singing “I’m a Lumberjack” while standing on top of your desk (YOU DON’T OWN ME).


Basically, breathe. Just breathe (that’s the last one I swear). The light at the end of the tunnel is near and I promise you’ll make it through this.

In other words, “keep calm and study on” my friends. Now excuse me while I download Mindy Gledhill’s greatest hits….

Breaaattthhheee, just breeeaaaathhhhhheeeeee (I lied).

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