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Why Lion Rock Rocks: Please Welcome Dr. Terry Martin

Even though I know what the Lion Rock Visiting Writers Series at CWU is, when I hear “Lion Rock” my mind always conjures up an image of Pride Rock from “The Lion King.”


So, for those who don’t know what “Lion Rock” is, let me get the Pride Rock imagery out of your head and let you know what’s up. It has nothing to do with Lions or Rocks, so go figure, but I’m not “Lion” when I say it “Rocks!” Wow, let’s move past that.

The Lion Rock Visiting Writers Series at CWU brings writers from all over to share their work at CWU. There are usually three visitors every quarter, ranging from poets to nonfiction writers to novelists. Each visitor gives a reading of his or her work, which are always free to attend. Not only are Lion Rock readings an opportunity for students, staff and the community to get a new and fresh perspective on literature, but they’re also a chance to meet the writer and ask him or her about their work. And, if that’s not enough incentive (which it should be, hello!) if you’re taking an English class, your professor will generally give you extra credit for attending.

The next writer to join the Lion Rock lineup will be CWU’s very own Dr. Terry Martin, who teaches English and has had three books of poetry published as well as publishing poems, essays and articles in hundreds of publications. She received CWU’s Distinguished Professor Teaching Award, as well as the CASE/Carnegie Professor of the Year Award.

_MG_3914 8X12ter

Join Dr. Martin for her reading Tuesday, Jan. 27 at 7:30 p.m. in the Wildcat Shop. Bring your friends, bring your significant other, bring whoever: everyone is welcome at Pride Rock, er, Lion Rock!

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