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Hey, CWU 12’s, your Seattle Seahawks are going back to the Big Game!

“Miracle in Seattle.”

“Biggest comeback in NFL post-season history.”

“Most devastating loss in Green Bay franchise history.”



This is what the national media is saying about the come-from-behind NFC Championship victory that punched Seattle’s ticket to Super Bowl XLIX and sent the Packers home in a state of stunned disbelief.

As a die-hard fan, it was pretty hard to watch my team play at their worst in the most important game of their season, which is exactly what we endured for fifty-five minutes of play. At halftime the Seahawks were down 16-0. With five minutes left to play in the fourth quarter they were down 19-7.

Then, the magic began. Russell Wilson’s unwavering focus, supported by the offense’s faith and determination, propelled the Seahawks into a last-minute, miraculous comeback performance, leading to a 28-22 overtime victory. Seattle is going back to the Super Bowl.

“I just believed,” Wilson said in a post-game interview. “We all just kept believing in each other, and I just believed we could overcome the turnovers and the mistakes and the adversity. And when you do all that, and overcome the odds, it makes (success) that much sweeter.”

This resiliencey, the “never-say-never” attitude exhibited by the Seahawks fourth quarter rally, embodies the attitude of a winner. I’m not talking about winning a football game; I’m talking about winning at life. Succeeding. Carving out one’s place in the world and dominating it. The opportunity seized by this team, defying the odds and ignoring the pressure, demonstrates the proactive attitude and optimistic perspective that facilitates good fortune. Every single one of us has the potential to achieve greatness, but it doesn’t happen on its own. As Wilson and company have just shown us, greatness is available to those who are willing to work for it, to go out and get it.

As college students, we are making choices and taking steps that will lay the foundation for the path that will lead us through our professional lives. Whatever your chosen path may be, be the best at it and never stop striving for greatness. Law of Attraction tells us that our chosen reality is our only reality, that if you decide you want something to be, it will be. Work for it, believe in it, go get it. Look at Russ, he chose another Super Bowl appearance as his reality.

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