Take a Stand, be a Green Dot



Assessing a situation of violence and knowing when to step in can be a tricky situation, especially for those who don’t know exactly how to intervene. To encourage bystanders to become active members in diffusing high-risk situations, the Wellness Center holds the Green Dot Bystander Training a couple Saturday’s each quarter- the closest one being this weekend, February 7th from 11-5:30pm in the Wellington Event Center! You will learn how to provide those in need with “Green Dots” which are positive influences and actions.

The goal of Green Dot training is to show that everyone has a hero inside of them and is capable of diffusing the “Red Dots,” the negative influences and feelings people m10897033_10153501364992586_103619601364302194_nay deal with in their day to day lives. In the three part training, participants first start by learning how to recognize high-risk situations, they then engage in the “self defining moment” which is when they decide whether to act or not, and finally receive strategies for handling the situation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to take a stand and bring positivity to those in need! Register by Friday, February 6th at http://uhnsp.aux.cwu.edu/Greendot/ and visit the Wellness Center in SURC 139 for more info.



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