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The SOURCE of CWU’s Greatness

Since you were a kid, hanging your best school work on the fridge has been an acknowledgement that you did an exceptional job, you went above and beyond, you showed that exam, or paper or arts and crafts project “whatcha got.”

While there’s nothing wrong with still hanging your work on the fridge, since you’ve stepped up into college, shouldn’t you also step up how you show off your best work?

For those at CWU who have completed work this year that they are especially proud of, the Symposium for University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate that work. Submissions for SOURCE are now open online at www.cwu.edu/source and will stay open until Friday, April 10. Those students whose submissions are selected will have the honor of presenting their work at SOURCE, which will take place on Thursday, May 21 from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. throughout the SURC.

SOURCE is a university-wide forum designed to showcase all genres of scholarly work by CWU undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff. Submissions may take the form of an oral, poster or video presentation; a performance; a creative exhibit; or a constructed object. Whether it’s a creative writing piece, biological research or a choreographed dance, SOURCE provides students with a platform to showcase their hard work and accomplishments. (And, just to point it out, you can’t put a choreographed dance on the fridge, and it’s also difficult to put up a fifteen page research paper. Who has that many refrigerator magnets?)

Although it is an honor just to present at SOURCE, every year a number of presenters earn Outstanding Presentation awards. Last year, the winners were honored with a ceremony at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, which included dinner, presentations and a speech by CWU President James Gaudino. Along with this, each winning presenter also received a medal for his or her achievement.

One of the best thing about SOURCE is the variety of work it includes, so whatever project you’re most proud of, there could definitely be a place for it. There’s one way to find out.

To learn more about SOURCE, check out Daniel Fisher’s story in this year’s winter Hype, which can be found right here on our blog. Or, contact Dr. Kara Gabriel, SOURCE Committee Chair, at 509-963-2387 or gabrielk@cwu.edu.

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