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Elections are here, don’t forget to vote

Hey Wildcats, check your email. I know you don’t want to, but trust me, it’s important. You should have one telling you to vote, and in it, there’s this pretty cool poster. If you click on it, viola! You’re transported to CWU’s online voting ballot.


(Psssst, here’s what the poster looks like)

Now, I know politics are boring and that you’d rather take a nap, watch leaves blow away in the wind or marathon Daredevil on Netflix (it’s so good). But it only takes a few minutes to vote. I know, I just did it (not to brag).

Before you vote, though, get educated. When you click the link there will be relevant information on candidates, revisions to the constitution and the $50 per-quarter arts fee. All of this is super important as it directly impacts you, the students.

As George W. Bush once said, “you cannot escape the the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” Or was that Abraham Lincoln? This political stuff is hard.

The point is, don’t put off voting. It’s your civic duty as a student of Central Washington University to share your voice and vote with pride.

Now, back to watching Daredevil.

If you didn’t get the email yet, here’s the link to vote: https://ballot.votebuilder.net/cwu/. Just copy and paste and you’re on your way!

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