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Spring concert is almost here, so have a rap to spread some cheer

Wait, who’s coming to CWU on Friday, May 15? Sol? Grynch? Nacho Picasso?

These aren’t the names of nursery rhymes. In fact, they spin rhymes of their own, all of the time. I’m not the one to tell you what to think in your mind, but in fact, this concert coming up is one of a kind.


Sol is mainlining and he may have to keep up his timing if he’s going to show other artists he’s the one who’s shining. He’s straight out of the University of Washington and if you’re watching him make sure to pay attention because he’s the real deal, son.


Grynch loves his Volvo and he’s not afraid to show it, he makes raps featuring Macklemore, they both know how to flow it. He tours regularly in the Pacific Northwest, but it’s his first time in Ellensburg, let’s show him our best.


Nacho Picasso_dungeon beach-2

What can I say about Nacho Picasso that hasn’t already been said? He was born in San Francisco, but Seattle is where he lays his bed. Described by the Seattle Times as an “anti hero,” this well-known artist is known for his humor.



That was really hard. I almost gave up a few times and while I’m not proud of every line, at east I tried. If it wasn’t clear, Seattle rappers Sol, Grynch and Nacho Picasso are coming to Ellensburg for a spring concert unlike any other.

It’s a big deal as each one of them has a robust career full of amazing moments. Each artist is known for their distinct sound and it’s rare to get all three talents under one roof at the same time. The SURC Ballroom is the place to be Friday, May 15 at 8 p.m.

Ticketing information and details can be found here. The show is 18 and over, so make sure to bring a valid I.D.

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