On a Mission

The Publicity Center offers a full slate of creative services to promote campus events, programs and departments while providing real world experience to student employees through hands-on skill development, professional mentoring and portfolio development.

Our student-focused Hype team invites students to experience campus life through a variety of student-focused “Hype” platforms including publications, social media, and street team opportunities.

‘So we put our hands up, like the ceiling can’t hold us’

Winner winner, chicken dinner. I don’t mean to be THAT guy, and I’m sort of sorry for using Macklemore lyrics as a title, but I just can’t contain my excitement! The thing is, the Publicity Center won some pretty rad awards recently, and we’re all pretty pumped.

If you’ve never heard of Visix, Inc. before, don’t worry. You’re not alone. It’s a company that runs the software behind the Wildcat Access ads you see on the T.V. screens in the SURC and all throughout campus. Those ads are designed by students and staff at the Publicity Center, with the ads themselves being coordinated with clients by a student in charge of Wildcat Access, Megan Schmitt.

For the 8th year now, Visix, Inc. has been holding a design competition called the Expression Awards, of which companies can enter if they license the Visix, Inc. software. This year, the Publicity Center entered multiple works and…

We swept the competition! (sort of). In the Best Video Design category, the winner and runner-ups were all videos produced by the Publicity Center.

The Best Video Design was awarded for a 15-second “ASCWU Elections” spot, with design elements created by senior Graphic Design major Taylor Froberg and motion graphics created by junior Film and Video Studies major Catherine Johnson.

Finalist awards in the video category were for “Mapworks” with design by Justin Beckman, Publicity Center’s senior graphic designer, and motion graphics by Johnson.

The final runner was “SEOI’s” filmed and edited by Johnson.

For being amazing in this category, we won a GoPro HERO3+ Silver camera, and a mounted, personalized Expression Award. Pretty cool huh? Now we can finally to do those extreme skateboarding videos we’ve been dreaming about.


In the Best Still Design category, the Publicity Center was a finalist for “Wildcat Shop Spring Sale” designed by Beckman.

Spring Sale WCA

We also received honorable mention nods for “Fiddler on the Roof” designed by senior Graphic Design major Kristina Von Essen.

Fiddler WCA

And finally, “Cornhole Tournament” by Beckman.

Cornhole WCA

Obviously, there’s a whole lot of talent up in this center of publicity. I didn’t win an award for “Best Snarky Writing Style” in the Blog category, but I’m still trying.

If you ever need something publicized – whether it’s a video, poster or press release – don’t worry, we’re professionals. And we have an award to prove it!

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