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The Publicity Center offers a full slate of creative services to promote campus events, programs and departments while providing real world experience to student employees through hands-on skill development, professional mentoring and portfolio development.

Our student-focused Hype team invites students to experience campus life through a variety of student-focused “Hype” platforms including publications, social media, and street team opportunities.

SEOIs open for 8-week summer students – fill out your student evaluations of instruction

Now that the heat is in full melt-your-face mode and classes are (finally) starting to wind down, it’s time to dedicate a few minutes of your day to filling out those Student Evaluations of Instruction (SEOIs) that keep popping up in your email and on canvas.

I know, I know. “But CWU Hype,” you scoff, “I don’t have time to do that – I’m busy (and yes, you even italicize your own spoken words…somehow).” Well, I’m here to tell you that you aren’t too busy because it only takes minutes of your time! Unless you’re saving puppies from a burning barn and you have no minutes to spare – by all means, do that first. But then, fill out your SEOIs. It’s a win, win! And also, puppies.

If you didn’t know, SEOIs are anonymous evaluations of instructors’ performances throughout the quarter, and provide students the opportunity to openly and honestly evaluate their professors. It’s the best avenue for rating a professor’s performance and holds a lot more weight than ratemyprofessor.com (shocking, I know).

The CWU Administration holds student feedback in high regard, so students should take the SEOIs and the outlet they provide seriously. SEOIs are used in the faculty and tenure review processes as well as for the accreditation of CWU. The more students who respond to SEOIs, the more weight they carry.

For you unfortunate 8-week summer class students (I feel your pain, though my 6-week-student brain can only hold so much sympathy) SEOIs open today, Friday Aug. 14 and close in one week, Friday, Aug. 21. That means you have seven whole days to stop ignoring the SEOI popup in Canvas and just do it already!


Still not convinced? Check out this awesome SEOIs: Summer Edition video on the CWU Hype Youtube web zone.

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