Celebrate Student Appreciation Day and the SURC 10 Year Anniversary

Since 2006, the Student Union and Recreation Center (SURC) at Central Washington University has been servicing students, faculty and the Ellensburg community. Operating within 220,000 square feet, the SURC is the largest facility in Kittitas County and home to a diverse range of programs and services. Through the collaborative effort of Student Union partners, May 23 through May 26 will be dedicated to celebrating the SURC Ten Year Anniversary and Student Appreciation Day.

“This gives students an opportunity to enjoy what they have and it gives us an opportunity to show that we are grateful,” said Blaine Land, special events coordinator at Campus Activities.

The four-day celebration will highlight SURC partners: The Student Union, Wildcat Shop, Dining Services and University Recreation. Students, faculty and staff can enjoy a variety of free activities, food, discounts, giveaways, live entertainment and more.Ten Year Access.jpg

“The SURC Ten Year Celebration, I feel, is not just a celebration of the physical building but it’s also a celebration of collaboration between the faculty and staff that are here, between the students,” said Mary Rill, merchandise, sales and marketing manager at the Wildcat Shop.

The Wildcat Shop is one of several partners that will be offering discounts, prizes and activities as part of the SURC Ten Year Anniversary. Each day will be filled with exciting ways to engage with the university and get to know the many different departments and clubs.

“The more you get involved, the more you feel a part of something,” said Jordan Stinglen, special events coordinator at University Recreation.

Most importantly, the SURC 10 Year Anniversary is a chance to celebrate. After all, the SURC is run almost entirely by students and was formed with the help of student government and student input.

“I’m excited. I’ve been here almost twenty years and I think it’s just an absolutely amazing facility,” Cherie Wilson, director of the Student Union, said.

Whether you enjoy rock-climbing, lively music, movies, food or simply socializing with friends, the SURC 10 Year Anniversary and Student Appreciation Day will provide fun opportunities for all who attend.


Head over to our Facebook Page for a complete list of activities.

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