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Get Fit with the CWU Recreation Center for Spring Quarter

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Tone up and get fit with the CWU Recreation CenterThe Spring Group Fitness Schedule has been posted, so don’t delay yourself the opportunity to tone up and get fit! The recreation staff works hard to provide a variety of engaging, calorie blasting courses for the Wildcat community, so throw on your gym clothes and get to class!


Get your booty into gear with this all-encompassing body changer. Prepare for sessions in all areas of strength, cardio, flexibility, agility and endurance.

Cycle: Strength
Engage in heart-pumping intervals of cycling and off-bike exercises for an all-encompassing strength workout.

Cycle: Core
Pedal to beat-driven music to improve your cardio endurance and muscular strength in this low impact/high intensity workout.

Dance Conditioning
These exciting and empowering classes get you moving to Latin-infused music with easy-to-learn dance routines.

Gear up for a total body “high-intensity interval training” workout with a mix of free weights, body weight, cardio and more.

Large Group Training
A total body calorie obliterator, this programming is primarily designed to lose weight while sculpting your muscles. Train twice a week at any of our scheduled classes: Monday/Wednesday: 12 & 4 p.m.; Tuesday/Thursday: 3 & 5 p.m.

Lower Body Blast
Free weights and gravity join forces with stability balls and bands for a sculpting lower body workout.

MAKE NOISE with this cardio jam session of a workout. Join the fun with Ripstix and floor exercises and get that body in shape!

This full body suspension workout challenges you to use your own weight to focus on technique, strength, flexibility and balance.

Upper Body Blast
Free weights and gravity join forces with stability balls and bands for a sculpting upper body workout.

Take time to focus on your personal wellness with these transformative classes that center around muscle sculpting, core-firming and flexibility.

This Latin-infused dance party is perfect for all ages and fitness levels! Join these upbeat and empowering classes and meet new friends in the process.

Still have questions about what the CWU Recreation Center has to offer you this quarter? Visit the recreation staff in the Student Union on campus or email personaltraining@cwu.edu to discover your fitness possibilities today!




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