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4 Tech Tips for the Ultra Busy College Student

– By Zach Thomson

Whether it’s midterms and required reading or dorm events and extracurriculars, we know. Seriously, WE KNOW. College students have almost no free time to spare. However, there are a few tools that can help you save time and energy this school year. Check out our top 4 tech resources for busy college students.

This free Google Chrome extension reviews and suggests edits to all of your type while you are on a computer. Ranging from the Facebook text box to your in-browser email, this extension has you covered. Not only can this extension fix your spelling, it can also provide more information about grammar and the reason behind their suggestion. You can upgrade to the pro version for $30 a month to fix advanced grammar issues.

The Cmd+F / Ctrl+F Key
Most people already know about this simple yet useful keyboard shortcut. Pressing Cmd+F on Mac or Ctrl+F on Windows will open up a dialog box with a search function. Type in any word or phrase and navigate the program or application using the up and down buttons. This feature is integrated into many programs such as Google Chrome, Microsoft office, and eBooks, and can save a ton of time when it comes to research.

As a college student, studying can be a real struggle. Quizlet allows you to create digital flashcards that expand beyond regular flash cards. You can learn, write, spell, test, match, and play a fun testing game called gravity all with flashcards. Quizlet also has a mobile app that can be utilized with casual studying throughout the day. Create a set of terms for a class at home and study on the go.

Cooking in college can be easier than you think. With Supercook simply enter in all your ingredients and view all of the recipes available. This website is simple and easy to use.


Zach Thomson is a graphic designer with the CWU Publicity Center. Connect with us on social media! @cwuhype

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