Recap: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

By Mikayla Kimery, CWU Publicity Center Writer

– The Rocky Horror Picture Show brought its theatrics and musical elements to CWU on October 27, and crowds went wild! The show was orchestrated entirely by students, and the Hype team was there to capture the moments in real time.

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Full House

When my friend and I got up to the Mezzanine of the Student Union and Recreation Center (SURC), we were a little worried about being one of the first 500. People were waiting outside of the ballroom at around 8:30 p.m.; the line wrapped all the way around the mezzanine to the ASCWU office!

Finally, the doors were open and we all headed inside, and luckily, we received a goody bag! As we all waited for the show to start, we took a look in our goody bags to find a host of different props for the production.

There was toast to throw at the dinner scene, a light for “There’s a Light”, and a complete guide of what to yell or do at various parts of the show. It was so amazing to be in an environment with so many people there to have fun and let loose.


Kenny Dalton, a member from Equal pictured above, also gave a little chat about the show’s meaning to fans and the importance of consent. This was a great reminder, and it was explained that if you did not want to be touched by any of the performers, all you had to do was put your right hand on your heart.

By having this simple signal, it ensured that everyone had a great time in a safe place. Another thing that Dalton mentioned was how the film presented diversity before anybody else wanted to. This is what makes Rocky Horror so loved by its fans; it screams a message of coming together and leaving identities at the door to just let loose and have fun.

Rocky Horror Traditions

This movie is a cult classic, so when watching a shadow cast the audience has specific lines or phrases that they yell during the show. Being someone who just watched the movie the week before, when the show started and everyone started calling Brad and Janet their respective titles, I knew that this was going to be different than anything that I had ever seen before!

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The show progressed smoothly to the scene where everyone held up their finger light, which was such an inspiring sight to see.


Personally, my favorite part was when everyone did the time warp. Everyone in the audience stood up and did the dance with the cast members, and it was awesome.

Another thing that was so different about this performance was the gender roles of the cast members. In the film, Rocky is traditionally performed by a male, and Columbia by a female. In CWU’s production however, director Libby Akin cast these roles in their respective opposites which proved to be amazing all the more.

All of the cast members had such a passion for what they were performing that it truly shone through on the stage. It was certainly indescribable and ultimately an unforgettable experience, leaving me, along with other fans, looking forward to next year’s show!

All photos provided by Miss Mikayla | Lovely Captured. 

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  1. This is a wonderful story! Thanks for coming and being a part of it all!

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