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CWU’s Best Fall Photo Ops

Photographers: fall in love with fall, before it’s gone!

If you’re an aspiring photographer and perhaps a procrastinator as well, but you still want to get those great fall-inspired photo shoots in, there’s a couple spots on campus that are still capable of serving you.


We’ll start with the pond in front of the SURC. If your friend doesn’t mind risking his or her life climbing on a few rocks, there are some beautiful golden leaves that ultimately enchant your photos. Furthermore, around 3 p.m., the sun shines behind the SURC giving an additional sense of magic.

Trees and Benches over by Bouillon Hall

If your friend is especially adventurous, or can even make a picnic table look humorous, you’ll find endless photo ops by Bouillon Hall.

Sue Lombard

If you haven’t gotten those pumpkin shots yet, hurry over to Sue and photobomb their pumpkins before they rot! Or you could go to Fred Meyer and buy one, but who would want to do that? If your model is a male, you might get lucky and get the ultimate Dad look you’ve been looking for.

Leaves behind Kamola

This applies anywhere you can find a leaf pile, but what would a fall photo op be without the traditional leaf-throw? Anywhere you can find some leaves and a warm sun glare, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for this fall favorite.

McConnell Theatre

It’s no secret that McConnell’s architecture is stunning. With columns, staircases, and the windows reflecting the best fall colors, it is the perfect backdrop for whatever you’re looking for. Whether it’s a dramatic shoot, or a fun “let’s taste fall” session, it has what you need.

9th Avenue

If you walk past Barge and all the other older buildings on campus, you’ll hang a right and find 9th Ave on your left. The trees on this road create such a magical atmosphere, especially when it’s windy and the leaves cascade down around you.

I would like to remind you that there are plenty of other photo spots around campus as well. Wherever you find yourself, don’t be afraid to try new things and define your magical background. It is not what we take our photos of, but in the way that we take those photos that defines our artistry as photographers. Happy shooting wildcats!


All content and photos by Miss Mikayla | Lovely Captured

Videographer: Julian Smart
Star of the Photos: Tyrelle Phillips

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