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By: Jakob Wachter


Now that Halloween is behind us and everybody is thinking to the future, some people have chosen to ditch their spooky fall vibes and embrace the holiday spirit already! I’m already seeing people in ugly holiday sweaters and socks singing down the walkways on campus to Mariah Carey and The Biebs.

This controversy has been an ongoing challenge for many many years and this year is no exception. With the twitter sphere and the social media world battling “Thanksgiving vs. Christmas” I’d like to weigh in with an article on a few things you can do before Thanksgiving, to give the holiday a little love, that have nothing to do with Christmas.

  1. Make turkey hand crafts!

This craft is a fun classic that never goes out of style. If you have a hand, some craft paper, scissors, and an imagination you can do this alone or with a group of friends. You are sure to feel the spirit of Thanksgiving, I guarantee it!


  1. Research your family tree and your heritage!

Do you know where your family immigrated from? Have you ever wondered if you might be related to a celebrity or a famous politician or even a president?

This is a fun activity that can really bring a family together in a fun yet sentimental way!


  1. Have a “Friendsgiving” with your closest friends here on campus!

Make a group chat with those closest to you and share some ideas of what you all might be able to contribute to a friendly feast! Cook up some old family faves and then get together and share! Enjoy the company of your “chosen family” and share what you’re thankful for with each other! If you love the TV show “Friends” then you’re also in luck because there will be an evening of delicious Thanksgiving faves and a marathon of the show in the Bistro from 6:30-9:30pm on November 16th!

  1. Make pumpkin desserts and drink PSLs!

Find a Pinterest recipe that sparks your Thanksgiving spirit and grab the ingredients and some friends to try it out! My personal favorite are mini pumpkin pies! The recipe is fun and simple, and who doesn’t love pumpkin! Once you put the treats in the oven, head over to the closest coffee shop and grab a specialty fall beverage and enjoy.


  1. Watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!”

There are very few movies that are centered around Thanksgiving, but this one is a classic that is sure to help you focus on the holiday ahead without skipping too soon to Christmas! Let’s be honest…who doesn’t love Charlie Brown anyway!?

No matter what side you’re on, whether you are full on holiday cheermeister or just ready for some delicious food and family time, these activities are timeless and fun for all! Keep your heads up wildcats and charge to the end of this quarter! The HYPE team is thankful for each and every one of you, now go make a pie or drink a PSL! You deserve it!


Jakob Wachter is a Hype Street Team Coordinator with the CWU Publicity Center



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