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V-Day Vegetarians: This one’s for You

If you and your partner are trying to do something different this Valentine’s Day, or maybe you’re just tired of the usual eat-your-emotions and watch Netflix routine, we’ve gathered seven un-romantic ideas for you to do this year.


1. Fiddle with some Free Personality Tests

This is always a fun activity, whether you’re by yourself, with your significant other, or with a group of friends. Not only can personality tests be interesting, they can also be helpful in finding more about yourself and others. Tests can range from 30 to 120 questions, but since you’re supposed to go with your initial answer, they should take no longer than 20 minutes max.

The Love Language Test


Even if you’re single, this test can help you in relationships outside one with a significant other. Knowing your family and friends’ love languages can help in times of struggle and even when gift giving for the holidays.

When you take the test, you’ll find out your love language out of the five available:

  • Physical touch
  • Quality time
  • Words of affirmation
  • Gift giving
  • Acts of service

The Big Five


This personality test is interesting because it measures the “The Big Five Traits”, also known as your levels of OCEAN:

  • openness
  • conscientiousness
  • extroversion
  • agreeableness
  • neuroticism

Your Personality Type



Based off of the Myers-Briggs’ test, the NERIS Type Explorer finds your composite personality type by measuring the following four factors:

  • extroversion vs. introversion
  • sensing vs. intuition
  • thinking vs. feeling
  • judging vs. perceiving

Afterwords, you can see more about your personality type, such as relationship compatibility, career opportunities, and other celebrities that share your personality.

2. Give Unconventional Gifts

Skip the flowers and chocolates this year, and instead go full-on sarcastic mode.

Sarcastic Valentine’s Day Card

(The more bitter the better)

Make A Bacon Rose Bouquet 

Because who doesn’t love bacon?

For the Actual Vegetarians out There: A Veggie Rose Tart

Healthy & delicious! 

Make a Meme & Frame It

You’re sure to make the fridge.

Make Funny Coupons

These can be for your significant other, friends, or even family. Again, the more sarcastic the better!

3. Game & Grub with a Big Group

Invite your friends over for some food and your favorite board games. If you’re set on making this a bitter holiday, play Monopoly. That will definitely do the trick.


4. Watch an Utterly Depressing or Scary Movie

I’m not talking about The Notebook or Titanic here. If you’re looking for some real emotional distress, check out Winchester, a new release for February 2018. Or you could always go with classics like Marley & Me or The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.


5. Valentine’s Day Smash/Bash

This is a sure-fire way to get some catharsis in this holiday. Make your way to the SURC Pit on Feb. 14 from 6-7:30 p.m. to come and break some hearts. Campus Activities will have heart-shaped piñatas for you to stop by and hit twice, as well as delectable dessert options to enjoy. With tunes provided by 88.1 the Burg, this is sure to be an amusing Valentine’s Day treat.


6. Try some New Activities


Your dorm room may not have all the space you’re looking for, so go out and try something new! There’s plenty of hikes around like Manastash Ridge and Umtanum Creek. Also, the CWU Rec Center will be hosting a Cupid’s Classic Archery Tag Tournament on Feb 10, and you can register on the CWU Intramural Page.

Check out community calendars like the Daily Record to find more events going on around town, or go and create your own adventure. The possibilities are endless!

7. Babysit or Volunteer

This could serve as a huge help to someone in the community. Maybe you babysit for a couple that doesn’t get to go out as much, or you visit the nursing home and pass out Valentines. There’s so many ways you can give back to your community, so spread the love this Valentine’s Day!




Mikayla Kimery is a student writer & media assistant with the CWU Publicity Center

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