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CWU Todd Anderson Memorial Rodeo

Revisiting the Rush I Love: Barrel Racing

With the wind in your hair and the thud of your horse’s hooves, there’s no better feeling than rounding that third barrel and running the home stretch.

2018 Todd Anderson Memorial Rodeo

At the Todd Anderson Memorial Rodeo this past weekend, other college students with the same love for rodeo competed in barrel racing, among other events. As each one made their way out of the gate and delicately cut corners, you could see the connection each participant had with their horse.

2018 Todd Anderson Memorial Rodeo



This link is ultimately vital for success in these sports. If you’re out of tune with your horse, they might misread your signal and cut around that barrel too tightly, causing it to fall down and add five seconds to your time. Or they might swing too wide and add extra time there too.

2018 Todd Anderson Memorial Rodeo

2018 Todd Anderson Memorial Rodeo

However, for most of the competitors on Sunday, this was not the case, and they seamlessly completed their runs with effortless speed.

2018 Todd Anderson Memorial Rodeo

2018 Todd Anderson Memorial Rodeo

For me, barrel racing has always been a favorite, and it is what I looked forward to each summer that I went to Miracle Ranch, a horseback riding camp in my hometown, Port Orchard, WA. Although I’ve never owned my own horse, and unfortunately do not have the current resources to compete in this event myself, I look forward to the day when I can round those barrels once again.

2018 Todd Anderson Memorial Rodeo

For now though, I’m grateful that CWU Recreation Club Sports joins forces with the CWU Rodeo Club for this memorial rodeo every year; and of course, like most of the locals in Ellensburg, I can’t wait for our bigger rodeo in the fall.

2018 Todd Anderson Memorial Rodeo

All photos taken by CWU Hype Team Member: Mikayla Kimery

Mikayla Kimery is a student writer & media assistant with the CWU Publicity Center

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