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Behind the Music with Marc E. Bassy


By Mikayla Kimery         

The thought of interviewing a celebrity can be quite nerve-wracking, until you pause and remember that they’re human, another person, just like you. It’s also ten times easier when your interviewee is as laid-back as Marc E. Bassy

CWU’s annual Student Appreciation Day is May 24, 2018, and Marc E. Bassy will be performing a free show to CWU students at 8 p.m. that evening. I was given the opportunity to ask the acclaimed artist a few questions, and learn more about his upcoming performance. Lucky for me, it didn’t take long to uncover his witty and friendly personality.

During the conversation we discussed Bassy’s music career’s beginning and future, his connection to the Pacific Northwest, and some thoughts on college. I won’t spoil it for you just yet though — continue reading to find out more about the man who’s bringing bass bumpin’ music to Central in a few days.


Behind the [Musical] Bars
An Interview with Marc E. Bassy

MIKAYLA KIMERY: You’ve been creating music for quite a while now. What got you started in performing and writing music?

MARC E. BASSY: I met these jazz bands, this jazz band kid in high school and they were really into bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and shit like that. So I just started recording my little raps with them, and I found sort of a voice; a feeling like, this was my calling. I just stuck with it ever since.

MK: You just wrapped up your national tour to promote your new album, “Gossip Columns.” How was that experience?

BASSY: It was a very fulfilling finale to the album rollout. It was a really positive experience to see kids coming out and enjoying themselves, and selling out shows. It’s really good. You work really hard with your team. There’s no more greater satisfaction than just actually being with the people sweating it out and singing your songs together.


MK: Most big concerts in Washington are held in the Seattle area. Is this your first time on this side of the state?

BASSY: I guess it would be. We’ve had really good shows in Seattle, we’ve played at UW. It’s funny ‘cause I grew up making music with kids in Seattle. So I feel like there’s a reason we connect well with the Northwest. We’re from the Bay Area too, so it’s similar geographically, culturally, all that. It’s always really good to be up there. I can’t say I’ve been in your guys’ neck of the woods yet, so…

MK: What has been your favorite part of going to college campuses?

BASSY: I think the fact that I didn’t go to college makes me like it more. Like, I always get fascinated by the campuses when I’m walking through. I think when you’re in college.. I think people go to college at the wrong time. They should graduate high school and then go live for like four years and then go to college. Then I think they would really be like, “Wow this is the coolest place ever.”

MK: Students on campus are really excited for your performance! Any hints on what they can expect?

BASSY: I’m going to be performing with my DJ, DJ Shabazz. He’s the Golden State Warriors official DJ, so can expect some NBA champ-type shit going on.

MK: Has DJ Shabazz always been your DJ on tours and other performances?

BASSY: Yeah, we’ve known each other before I was Marc E Bassy. He used to make me sing when he’d be DJ-ing in the club at like the end of the night. [He] helped to get me confident in knowing that I could really do this like a solo artist. He’s a big part of my act. My whole squad, we’re all close. We’re all friends, we’re like a family so it’s fun when we get to go run around any college especially a place that’s sort of like a second home, like Seattle, Washington.

MK: You don’t seem to be slowing down. What’s next for your music career?

BASSY: Well, we got a new song coming out, it’s called Main Chick so that’ll be out and that actually comes out tonight (May 3, 2018). We’re going to start promoting that in my first single off of the new project that will be coming out this summer. I’m just in the studio working that out, and we’ll see where we take it.

MK: Any final thoughts about your upcoming show?

BASSY: Um nah it’s all good man, I’m ready. It will be a really fun show, you guys will see. 

Student Appreciation Day is a full day of events and activities for CWU students. The Marc E. Bassy concert will begin at 8 p.m. on the Barto Lawn. For the full schedule of events, visit the CWU Hype Facebook page.

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