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The Hydro Flask Craze: Wildcat Edition

By Jakob Wachter


Water bottles used to be just that. Water bottles, but now they seem to be a method of conformity and yet…self-expression too! Once upon a time we all had different phones, now we almost all have iPhones because as a society we decided that iPhones were the best…duh! The same sort of thing has appeared with water bottles. The ever so popular “Hydro Flask” has emerged as the iconic “It Water Bottle.” People are embracing different fashions, colors, styles, sizes, stickers, and more to express themselves through how they drink water! Some people are even getting them professionally engraved! So, what is it about the Hydro Flask that makes it so special? Why does everybody want one? Could it be the way it keeps ice cold, the cool refreshing metallic flavor of the water, or even the loud gong like sound it makes when hit on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING? Let’s find out why Wildcats and people from all over are going nuts for Hydro Flasks!

Jordan: @jordanlancasterr This is my second Hydro Flask. I got it for Christmas this year and I love it. I get all of my stickers from redbubble.com. My favorite stickers are my Bob Ross sticker and my “cats against cat calls” sticker.


Megan: @megysue2468 I always have fresh crisp water in a light weight bottle!


CJ: @cj_lorentz I love my Hydro Flask because it allows me to show the world where I have been and in a way who I am! It allows me to keep myself hydrated of course, but it also shows a sense of comfort when I carry it around because it has all my amazing experiences (through stickers) on it. That’s why we still carry them around even when we have majorly dented them, because it shows a sense of character.


Rachael: @rachaelanne10 I love my Hydro Flask for so many reasons: it keeps my coffee hot and my water cold. Also, the greatest thing about having such a quality water bottle that I can customize and take pride in is that it motivates me to use it more, which in turn makes it easier to do a small thing every day to reduce my carbon footprint and my personal waste. I would recommend them to anyone whether they are an on-the-go person like myself or just enjoy having cold water of hot coffee all day.


Tara: @tarakittybabygurl Honestly, the only reason I have a Hydro Flask is because my boyfriend stole it from some guy in his frat because he wanted me to have one so I could feel “cool.”


Jakob: @jakkkkkkkob I love my Hydro Flask because it was a gift from a friend. I had never even really heard of a Hydro Flask before I got one and I was more than thrilled to join the club! My Hydro Flask is a green 32-ounce bottle that I have decorated with a couple of my favorite stickers. I have a sticker from Cupcake Royale, Dickies and another from Dutch Bros. on it! I take it with me every day because as a working actor and singer I gotta keep my body hydrated and my vocal chords on fleek.


Kaitlyn: @katkurisu I love my Hydro Flask because it keeps everything cold or hot for such a long time. Over the summer, I worked landscaping in 80-degree weather and there was always ice left over in my Hydro Flask after the long ten-hour days!


Zach: @zthomson I love that my Hydro Flask keeps my water cold all day and all night. I work for CWU Hype so I have to represent with a couple of stickers. I got a white one because it’s like a blank canvas…and also it matches my shoes.


Aubrey: @aubreymschultz I don’t have a Hydro Flask. I feel left out, behind the times, and thirsty. If I could have one, I would want the lemon colored one and I would cover it with stickers to represent all of my favorite things.


Ellie: @elliejeancook I love my Hydro Flask because it is the most individualistic mainstream thing a person can own. Everyone has one but no one will ever have one just like mine. It makes hydration fun by allowing the owner to personalize the exterior of the Hydro Flask. In fact, with the growing population of Hydro Flask owners it almost feels like an obligation to personalize the exterior. Because, how else will you know that it’s yours? Mine has stickers of everything I love, from cupcake shops, Disneyland, Broadway to Harry Styles mottos. I love my Hydro Flask and everyone should own something they love, even if it is as simple as a water bottle with stickers on it.


Matt: @m_conrardy I love my Hydro Flask because it tells my story and it has stickers from a bunch of my favorite designers and places that I’ve traveled. My personal favorite sticker is my Aaron Draplin heart sticker.


Punky: @punkypearsons I like my Hydro Flask because of the size and durability. It is also really comfortable to hold and carry around. I am pretty harsh on my water bottles and my Hydro Flask has a lot of dents and the lid has broken because I dropped it in the past. Luckily, they sell replacement lids so I was able to continue using my favorite water bottle. The funny thing about Hydro Flasks is that it seems like everyone has the same color, so personalization is highly encouraged. I had a great time choosing stickers that would help my bottle to stand out from all of the other bright green Hydro Flasks. One of my favorite stickers is my orange Hype sticker. *wink *wink


Well now we know! So many reasons to love the Hydro Flask! If you feel like you need to get one for yourself, the Wildcat Shop in the SURC sells them in many varieties and colors! MadLab in the Wildcat Shop will engrave them too! Join the club and drink more cold water in style, your own style! Stay hydrated and save the planet by getting a reusable water bottle! Have a great day, Wildcats!

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