The FOMO is Real if You Missed Weights 101! But Don’t Just Take My Word for it…

The FOMO is Real if You Missed Weights 101! But Don’t Just Take My Word for it…

By Emily Masseth

How I Feel After Going to Weights 101- “After Photo”



“I went because even though I’ve lifted weights for a while, I wanted to make sure I have proper form so that I can feel comfortable lifting heavier weights. I left feeling confident and my ability and with a couple new pointers on how to get the most out of my exercises.” – CWU Student, Daisy Merida


“I went because I have been really wanting to work on myself and my body recently, but don’t have the confidence of skill set I feel I need to have that would really help me see the results I want. I’ve been VERY anxious and apprehensive of the weight room because of my lack of knowledge. Weights 101 definitely helped be gain a little more confidence to continue in my fitness journey, even if it’s not full blown going into the weight room yet, they helped teach me good alternative that I can still do upstairs if I wanted to.” – CWU Student, Kash Serock


“People start their exercise journey at different times throughout the year, and I think providing informative events like Weights 101 helps to promote fitness, safe and proper form, and encourage people to adopt a healthy active lifestyle if they are new to exercise or continue to practice a current active lifestyle. Very rarely is there a perfect time to start exercising, but as soon as you develop a routine and make exercising a habit, it will become a hard habit to break.” – CWU Rec Center personal trainer, Betsy Arlt


“I decided to put on Weights 101 because I felt that people needed a safe and semi-private place to learn proper form without judgement.” – CWU Rec Center Graduate Assistant and personal trainer, Brianna Rice

Remember for Next Time…


Weights 101 was a chance to learn more about form and strength training techniques in a safe and inclusive environment. The personal trainers were super helpful in explaining how to perform different types of lifting and then letting us try it out with their help. Many people from all different backgrounds and abilities attended this event in order to better themselves and their lifestyle. Next time the Rec Center does an event like this, make sure you don’t miss out on a chance to build certainty, confidence, a feeling of empowerment, and a new sense of belonging when you go to the gym!

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