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Preparing for Back to School, as Told by ‘Parks and Recreation’

By Kiersten Kimminau

1. First thing’s first, shed a few tears if you need to. Don’t be shy, let it out. All done? Okay, now relax and pull yourself together because it’s about to get intense in this hizzy.


2. You’re welcome. Next up, quality sleep is about to become a major key for two big reasons: First of all, your bed will become your only refuge from the terrors of academia. Second, sleep is just generally super important and I really shouldn’t have to tell you this. Get some z’s people.


3. You’ve wept and you’ve slept. Next, Treat Yo Self! Ultimately, starting classes again isn’t as dreadful as I’ve made it sound. You’re getting a good education! You’re making money moves! Buy yourself something nice or treat yourself to a fancy dinner, and get dessert because you deserve it. Did someone say Winegar’s? Yes, I did.


4. Go even further and put the ‘treat’ in treat yo self. Do some home baking for yourself! Pro tip: Bake a big batch of something tasty on Sunday and you can have a little treat already prepared whenever you want throughout the week! Meal prepping is a busy student’s lifesaver, trust me. If you ever need any help with nutrition, reach out to CWU Nutrition Services, they’re happy to help!


5. Remember those days when you got so excited to pick out your first day of school outfit? Awe, so sweet and innocent back then with your light-up sketchers. These days, just forget about it. You might as well pick out the sweatpants and hoodie combo that you’ll be wearing every day for the rest of the year, because we both know it’s going to come down to that sooner or later. Check out the Wildcat Shop and assemble your comfy clothing arsenal. 


6. Alas, the days grow short, school looms closer and your immune system is not ready! Buy Airborne, zinc, tissues and cold medicine in bulk because we’ve all had the back-to-school cold. It’s part of life, deal with it. Struggling with something a little bigger than a common cold? Seek out the Student Medical & Counseling Clinic, they’ve got your back.


7. Buy a planner, we both know you’ll never use it, but having one still gives the illusion of having your life together so whatever. Or just check the university calendar online, because the only events you’ll ever need to remember are all listed on there. 


8. Cry one last time. Take all the time you need.


9. Time’s up. Pull yourself together and get ready to take the school year by storm! I believe in you! 


Make sure to go follow @cwuhype for more college tips and all the event information you’ll need to make this year a fantastic one.

Kiersten Kimminau is a Student Writer at the CWU Publicity Center. She is a Communication Studies major and student-athlete on the Cross Country & Track teams.

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