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8 Tips For Living Boujee on a Budget

By Trevor Peden

First things first, I know what you’re thinking, we can’t be Boujee, we are college students. We’ve all heard the joke about college students being poor, but with these 8 tips and tricks on how to save money you can be living that lavish life that we all strive for!

Tip 1

Pay for all of your essential things first, this means rent, bills, tuition, and groceries! It will be sad seeing all this money leaving your account, but it gives you a much better idea of what you’re working with.

Tip 2

When buying groceries look at the items you typically buy and see if they are on a special promotional sale, if so stock up. Grocery Outlet has some amazing deals that I would recommend many of you go and check out. For the bigger stores like Fred Meyer and Safeway, items are periodically put on sale, so buy items when they are at their cheapest and wait when they are at their highest. Another big piece of saving money is buying in bulk, this is why people who shop at Costco thrive because more often than not they are getting some real bang for their buck.

Tip 3

Follow the 65/35 rule. After paying off those dreaded bills put 65 percent of your paycheck into that savings account, vacation fund, or life plan and use the other 35 percent for what your heart desires. This will set you up extremely well when something big comes along that you just have to have.

Tip 4

When it comes to buying textbooks, shop smart, not for convenience. We all know the struggle of buying textbooks and dropping like $500 on a book you might not ever open. With that being said, scroll through www.Amazon.com and www.thriftbooks.com/ . Some books can be found as a rental for $30 when they originally would cost $125.

Tip 5

For all you friends that love name brand clothing like Nike, Calvin Klein, and American Eagle shop at Goodwill, Value Village, Ross, and even Costco.

This is where the real deals are. People get rid of clothing all the time just because it no longer fits them, this is where you swoop in and get those deals for things that look almost brand new. Sometimes when shopping at the Ellensburg Goodwill you can find items with the original tags still on them, major score! If you’re not about that secondhand life, try shopping for clothing at Costco, Calvin Klein is almost always on sale, and don’t forget about the deals on Hunter Boots in the winter.

Tip 6

When your parents visit or you go home and ask if you need anything, say yes even if the items don’t seem super important.

This is an ongoing joke in my family with my siblings and I because anytime our parents come to visit, our weekly Grocery list instantly gets bigger. Also, if you are going home, don’t forget to bring your laundry because it is free at home.

Tip 7

For those of us who like going on vacations, look for deals on flights and hotels for where you are going!

Plane tickets are just about the most expensive things nowadays, but there are a couple things to look for when buying them cheap. First, download apps like Hopper that keep track of the sales and discounts on tickets for you. Second, try to buy tickets 6 to 7 weeks ahead of your planned trip rather than a year ahead of time. It is reported that typically when doing this you will save 10 percent on the average fare. Third, book flights on a Tuesday during the afternoon because this is when the most deals will appear. Finally, try and book a flight that flies out early on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday because these flights are cheapest for domestic travel.

Tip 8

If you’re going out on the town or just want a nice dinner with some friends, trust me when I say wait until Happy Hour or the Deal Days.

This will save you a ton of money making your bank account happier, and you will feel just as full afterwards. One of our local restaurants, Wing Central, does 69 cent wing night on Tuesdays so go out and support the town and your wallet.

Following these tips will take your bank account from a wilted plant to a blooming flower. With all the money you have saved you can enjoy that lavish life that we all love. Enjoy that Boujee lifestyle, friends, and let us know if you try any of these tips.

Trevor Peden is a Street Team Coordinator at the CWU Publicity Center. He is an Elementary Education major and a Teaching Highly Capable Learners minor.

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