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Tips to get through finals week

By Kiersten Kimminau

There’s no denying that finals week can be an extremely stressful time. Something in the atmosphere changes as testing time looms nearer. The air thickens with tense and nervous energy while students flood through the library doors attempting to cram in final grains of knowledge.

Hype understands the struggle, so we’ve provided a few tips and tricks that will hopefully help ease some finals week stress and lead you to finish the fall quarter strong!

Paws & Relax

How can anybody be sad with a cute puppy in front of them? The little fur balls can bring a smile to anybody’s face, even those of anxious college students! Take a break from studying and come to the Brooks Library to cuddle with adorable therapy puppies!

Waffle Night

Come to Waffle Night at Brooks Library and fuel your long study session with stacks on stacks on stacks of fluffy, buttery goodness. Every quarter during final exams, the library staff breaks out the waffle irons and syrup to give students a well deserved treat to break up the monotony of painstaking exam prep.

Get Some Good Sleep

Why is the most basic thing on this list the one that students always seem to glaze over? Sleep is important, people! If you only get 3 hours of sleep (or less), you’ll find yourself groggy and grumpy. With a substantial 7-8 hours, you will be awake, energized and ready to take on the day!

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Do yourself a favor and don’t be a fool start studying your material in advance. Cramming information at the last minute will leave you with even more stress, whereas starting a little earlier will give you extra confidence and a better passing chance!

Check Out the Support on Campus

The Academic Success Center offers various services to assist you with all your academic needs. From tutoring to academic coaching to study groups, you can find the support you need. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for support!

Join a Study Group

You and your classmates have been through all the ups and downs of this quarter together. From the struggles, quizzes, early mornings, long lectures, and more, you’ve been through it all. Encourage each other in these last weeks and finish the race together! Organize a study group and harness the forces of friendship, power and perseverance!

Take Breaks

I think all students have experienced the dreaded mid-study slump at some point. Sometimes it hits after 2 hours, sometimes it comes after 10 minutes. Regardless of your study stamina, we all need breaks in life. Do yourself a favor and close the books for at least a 20 minute break. Go for a walk, eat a snack, or take a nap. Whatever you do, just take time out for self care, it’s important!

Fuel Yourself Properly

No, red bull is not a meal and neither is coffee. During finals week, we know you’re wallowing in a pool of boredom & tears doing a lot of intense studying. So, it’s extra important to fuel yourself properly so you can maintain your stamina and remain productive through those laborious study sessions.

Ok…I think you’ve stalled enough by reading this blog. You should probably get back to studying. Good luck with finals, and stay Hyped!

Kiersten Kimminau is a Student Writer at the CWU Publicity Center. She is a Communication Studies major and student-athlete on the Cross Country & Track teams.

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