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The Publicity Center offers a full slate of creative services to promote campus events, programs and departments while providing real world experience to student employees through hands-on skill development, professional mentoring and portfolio development.

Our student-focused Hype team invites students to experience campus life through a variety of student-focused “Hype” platforms including publications, social media, and street team opportunities.

The Hype Team’s New Year’s Resolutions

By Olivia Birg

Happy New Year, everybody!! We’re kicking off 2020 right with New Year’s Resolutions! Hype wants to share their goals for the new year with you so here’s what they said…

Griff Bellah (Freshman/ Video Team) : “I’m going to practice for auditions for study abroad an hour every night, give three random people a genuine compliment a day, and let my friends know that I love them at least once a week.”

Zoe Whittaker (Junior/Street Team): “I want to spend more time focusing on my health and wellbeing. Practice gratitude, eat healthier, and move my body a lot more.”

Wyatt Langstraat (Senior/ Writer): “I will be trying to read 24 books this year and to finish writing a draft of my book.”

Trevor Peden (Junior/Street Team): “Keep losing weight. I started 2019 at 295 and I am now 235! I want to try and be at 210 by the end of 2020.”

“Meet all the graduation requirements and get my stuff in line to graduate and student teach a quarter early!”

“I want to run TWO or more 5Ks or races in 2020!”

Sloane Miller (Senior/Graphic Design) “To stop wiping food on my clothes and carry around a handkerchief. Take care of my things better.”

Dani Flores-Gomez (Sophomore/Graphic Design): “Focusing on having more self care, budgeting, my health, not procrastinating, and continuing to build my portfolio for art. “

Olivia Birg (Freshman/Writer): “I’m going to write more short stories, limit my social media intake, eat healthier, and try to stop biting my nails.”

Ricki Towner (Project and Sales Supervisor): “Be a better person. Work each day to be less crappy than I was the day before.”

Bethany Eaton (Senior/ Office Assistant): “Eat healthier and shoot for a healthier lifestyle.”

Kiersten Kimminau (Sophomore/Writer): “My New Year’s Resolution is to continue making self-care a priority and allowing myself to continue learning, making mistakes, stepping out of my comfort zone and growing in whatever way that ends up looking like.”

Brendan Dolleman (Junior/ Video Team): “Less screen time and less phone dependency.”

Collectively, our goal is to get out and attend more campus events than ever before! We hope you’ll join us. Follow street team on Instagram stories to see when and where we’ll be so you can meet up with us this quarter.

Olivia Birg is a Student Writer for the Publicity Center. She is an English: Professional and Creative Writing major.

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