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Electropolis Live: A Must Attend Event!

By Wyatt Langstraat

CWU’s new EDM show is just a short week and a half away on Feb. 22! Four DJs from 88.1 The ‘Burg’s late-night EDM show, Electropolis, start spinning it up live at 9 p.m. in the SURC Ballroom! Before you get all decked out in your finest, flashiest, feet-stomping, dance-worthy EDM outfits, why not hear from the DJs who will keep you dancing all night about why they’re excited for Electropolis Live?

God King Apollo

EDM Style: Future- and Prague-house, drum-and-bass

“I’m excited that it’s not just an event that we’re playing, it’s an event that we’re featuring in. I hope that it goes really well, and I hope that it marks the beginning of Electropolis getting to do more live shows.”


EDM Style: Electro-house

“We’re gonna be doing something that isn’t really done on campus. Our flows really flow together, so for us to be able to play and do something live is gonna be really cool for everyone to see.”


EDM Style: Future- and electro-house, down-tempo electro

“When I think about … what kind of music would be great, it’s gonna be a variety because we’re all very diverse in the kind of music that we play.”


EDM Style: Glitch-hop, chip-tune

“Music is the one thing that everyone can just sit down and enjoy. I’m excited to be able to show ours. EDM is a special genre all on its own because it is more commonly enjoyed together than any other style of music.”

Electropolis Live

9 p.m. – midnight February 22, 2020
CWU SURC Ballroom
Open to CWU students with ID, free

The Rules

Shirt, shoes, shorts required.
Clear bags only (no backpacks).
No water bottles or beverages. Campus Activities will have beverages available to you.
Lockers will be available downstairs in the SURC for backpacks.

Wyatt Langstraat is a Professional and Creative Writing major, a former intern for the Lion Rock Visiting Writers’ Series, and a Student Writer for CWU’s Publicity Center. He does his darn best.

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