Battle of the Bands!

By Wyatt Langstraat

You won’t want to miss Central’s inaugural Battle of the Bands and the opportunity to help decide part of the Wild Fest 2020 lineup! For the first time, Central bands will compete for the opening spot at Wild Fest. And you can have a say, as the winner will be decided by audience vote. Before you go, check out the list of artists who will be competing!

John Thomas: Rap/R&B/Hip-Hop


Apollo’s Eclipse: Rock/Alternative

cha.: EDM

Friend-Zoned: Alternative

Wild at the Burg: Rock/Alternative

Wonderful Trip: Rock/Alternative

ThayWyld: Rap/Hip-Hop

Afton Prater: Country

Philip Lawrence: Acoustic

The battle begins at 7 p.m. this Friday in the SURC Theatre. Come have a say in who opens at Wild Fest!

Wyatt Langstraat is a Professional and Creative Writing major, a former intern for the Lion Rock Visiting Writers’ Series, and a Student Writer for CWU’s Publicity Center. He does his darn best.

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