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How HYPE Employees are Staying Positive in Isolation

We’ve been thrust into a season of unknown this spring. Everyone has had to adjust to life in isolation, seeing less of friends and family, working from home and taking online classes. In wake of these forced changes, it may feel hard to stay positive and motivated. However, you are certainly not alone, and a few members of the HYPE team have decided to share the ways they are keeping their spirits high this spring.

Brendan Dolleman, junior Marketing & Economics major

Currently in southern California, Dolleman has been enjoying the nice weather. “(I’ve been) helping family members with large yard projects including planting new grass, cutting down trees, laying brick plant beds,” he said.

In addition, productivity has been the name of the game for Dolleman. He has updated his LinkedIn account and completed his Google Analytics Certification, which he highly recommends for business majors. He explains, “It takes only a few hours and is a great building block for analytical skills and good resume piece.”

Zoe Whittaker Jameson, junior Elementary Education major & Special Education minor

Whittaker said, “Lately I’ve been trying to pick up more creative hobbies that I’ve wanted to do but haven’t got the chance to do them yet… like painting, planting a few new plants like basil and mint into pots and journaling.”

“A really big thing that keeps me going is scheduling something that I will look forward to every day.”

Samantha Cabeza, junior Digital Journalism major

Cabeza has taken time to reconnect with old and new friends by playing with them in Red Dead Online or Jackbox.TV on PS4.

Trying to learn new skills and pick up healthy habits can be a useful way to spend the time as well. Cabeza said, “I have been trying to learn how to cook a lot more, and everyday I’ve tried to go for a bike ride to enjoy to sunny weather in Ellensburg.”

“What gets me through the day is the ability to still be able to talk with my family and friends via Zoom or FaceTime.” 

Madi McAuliffe, freshman Secondary Education History major

McAuliffe is focused on her goal of passing all her online classes this quarter, which can be a challenge. But her other quarantine activities include painting, drawing and trying to learn guitar. She added, “I get through my day with my family, just taking it one day at a time.” 

Bethany Eaton, senior Biochemistry major

Leaving downtime to do activities and hobbies can be a helpful way to maintain positivity. For Eaton, this could include anything from reading, writing, or playing video games.

With no class schedules looming over your head, why not try catching up on some adequate sleep? Eaton said, “I am trying to reset my sleep schedule by waking up in the early morning.” You could follow her lead by setting an early alarm, or maybe try going to bed a few hours earlier than normal.

Eaton also has some tips to stay on top of classwork. She said, “I keep a planner with lists of things I have to do for the day. I also tend to write myself sticky note lists on top of this, just to keep myself organized.” 

Ashley Murawski, senior Public Relations major

Murawski also starts her day early at 6:30 a.m. and has made it her objective to try different workouts such as kickboxing, yoga, running and Zumba. This way, she explains, “I get excited to try something different each day.”

With all her free time, Murawski has finally learned how to use her espresso machine, which she said, “I got over a year ago.” She also adds, “Recently I’ve been trying to cook some new fun recipes!”

“I wind down around 6 and watch some Disney movies, or Greys Anatomy.”

After hearing from some of the HYPE team squad, hopefully you’ve gotten a few more ideas for how to spend your days in isolation. Learn something new, pick up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, cook a fancy meal, set new goals and get creative. No matter what, try to keep your head up because we’re in this together, Wildcats!

How are you staying positive these days? Share your response on Twitter and tag us @CWUHYPE!

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