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Quarantine Lookbook

Styled outfits, spring dresses and hairstyles we actually put some effort into is generally what we’d expect for spring quarter. Yet, here we all are thriving in our apartments or houses wondering what sweatshirt we are going to throw on. Our quarantine looks are likely different than we hoped for spring quarter. Cozy clothes are on the rise and everyone is rocking their isolation looks. Even though we are trapped at home, I have been attempting to not give up style for comfort. This week I decided to share what my quarantine looks have been, and what made me choose them.

Monday: Today was a travel day look, as I headed to the Westside to go celebrate my birthday with my family. I was following recommended social distancing and safety guidelines on my way there, and we had already been around each other during this long quarantine. I did a little online shopping with this look and took advantage of all the sales. My sweatshirt and joggers are from Abercrombie and I am completely obsessed. Both pieces are perfect for this spring transition and can easily be dressed up once we can leave our homes. During this stay at home order having a complete cozy outfit makes you feel better and looks like you put in some effort into your outfit.  I decided to do a little pigtail bun as well because I had to push the whole cozy vibe going on.

Tuesday: Now if this doesn’t scream working from home, I don’t know what does. My Tuesday was filled with work, and I refused to put on normal clothes again. Since I was just lying in bed or sitting at my desk all day, I went with my go-to comfy outfit. This Donald Duck pullover is my favorite thing in my closet because it’s oversized and I can just wrap myself in it. I paired it with the softest shorts I’ve ever owned from Abercrombie. Something I won’t forget to mention is my blue light glasses from Amazon, which have been so beneficial during this stay-at-home order since I stare at my computer screen all day.

Wednesday: Hold your judgement. I know I wore jeans, which is unheard of for isolation. To my defense I ran errands on Wednesday and wanted to feel better about myself, so I decided to do my makeup and put on a pair of jeans. I recommend to everyone: Get ready some days during the week just to create a routine. Still, overall the look was casual with a plain white long sleeve top from Old Navy and boyfriend distressed jeans from Hollister. On this day I tried to merge comfort and a little bit of style. My parents were proud that I tried today.

Thursday: The only thing I was focused on this day was celebrating because it was my 23rd birthday. Everyone celebrating during this time must change the normal ways they’d celebrate. Instead of going out on the town, I had an amazing steak dinner, bonfire and a Disney singalong with my family to celebrate another year of life. I wanted to reflect the celebration in my outfit and wore an eyelet jumpsuit and denim jacket, both from Francescas. Since it was my birthday I wanted to dress up for the occasion, and was not upset about it.

Friday: After celebrating, I went back to the usual and threw on another sweatshirt and leggings. I was back in Ellensburg and just worked and unpacked all my bags. I wore a David Dobrik oversized sweatshirt with Adidas leggings and Nike Air Forces. This isolation look was all about comfort but had some touches of trendy with the sneakers. Change the leggings to biker shorts to create a full trendy look.

Overall, documenting my week of isolation looks showed how my fashion choices have changed since I am not working and don’t have classes on campus anymore. I still try to fully get ready a couple times during the week. When choosing all my looks typically my thought process was, what will I be comfortable in all day. I want to challenge you to document your isolation looks and see how they differ from what you usually wear. Now, excuse me as I decide what sweatshirt I will wear today.

Hype intern Ashley Murawski is a CWU senior, and is majoring in Public Relations. She was born and raised in Mill Creek, WA and aspires to become a wedding planner. Her favorite NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, and one day she wants to create a blog about trying coffee from every country!

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