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Staying Active in Quarantine

By Kiersten Kimminau

How has your motivation been during this quarantined spring quarter? Are the walking routes getting a little monotonous? Are you counting down the days until gyms finally re-open? If you’re an athlete, you may even find yourself missing the days of grueling practice with your teammates.

If you can relate to any of the above, then your quarantine routine may be in need of some TLC. Luckily, warm summer days are near, making the circumstances ideal for social distanced, outdoor activities. And, on days when the weather doesn’t prevail, (ahem, Ellensburg wind, I’m looking at you), CWU Recreation has some great ways to keep you moving, active and entertained while staying indoors!

Upgrade Your Neighborhood Walk

Let’s start with the basics. If your walk around the block is getting old, there are a few simple switch ups you can make. For starters, the John Wayne Trail could be an easy excursion on a nice day. The gravel trail goes on for miles and miles and miles, so you could make the walk as long as your heart desires. Ideal for jogging, walking and biking, scenery along the trail include acres of farmland and traverses over bridges that hang above the Columbia River.

If you’d like more of a challenge, Manastash Ridge and Umtanum Creek Falls may be right up your alley. An Ellensburg classic, Manastash Ridge is an upward trek that will have you working a sweat in the best way. This hike ends with a gorgeous view of the town below and surrounding mountains. Don’t forget to sign the notebook at the top to let everyone know you conquered the mountain!

Umtanum Creek Falls offers some different scenery. Stroll along an easy trail with towering Douglas firs and blooming wildflowers ending with a cascading waterfall. You’ll have the option to hike down and take a dip in the pool below, or take in the stunning view from above.

Try Virtual Group X

We’ve had to adjust to many new normals these days, but not all things have to change. In case you haven’t heard, CWU Recreation is still offering Group X classes this quarter and there’s something for everybody! Feel the rhythm in Zumba or engage those muscles with Core & More. See what other classes are offered and check out the schedule here!

Guided Workouts with Personal Trainers

CWU Recreation Personal Trainers are still bringing you their favorite workouts from home, proving that you can stay active from anywhere! The Recreation Center has posted multiple workout videos to their YouTube channel featuring their dedicated personal trainers! Choose from a selection of different workouts that offer equal amounts of fun and challenge. All it takes is 15 minutes or less, so get moving!

Work on Your Climbing Skills On & Off the Wall

Follow CWU Recreation on Instagram for Mobility Mondays and Weird Knot Wednesdays! On Mondays, Logan Scully, Climbing and Challenge Course Coordinator, will offer tips and tricks to help improve your mobility on and off the climbing wall. Then, join Scully once again on Wednesdays to learn how to make funky knots that will aid your next climbing endeavor. Tune in to Instagram Live to check out these opportunities so when the climbing wall opens back up, you’ll be ready!

Center Yourself with Yoga

So far, I’ve given you ways to be active and get moving. But, it can also be nice to slow down and relax with some yoga. There are many different forms of yoga to choose from depending on what your needs are. A simple YouTube search will yield a variety of results from yoga focusing on flexibility to more active yoga that will offer more of a workout if that’s what you’re looking for. Or, if you want to find comfort after a stressful day you could try slow-paced Yin Yoga. The Wellness Center recommends this video for a guided Yin Yoga session.

If you are completely new to yoga, then check out this video that’s perfect for beginners!

There you have it, a variety of options for how to spice up your life and get active. Event though COVID-19 has thrown most of our lives for a loop, getting out of the house, finding a hobby, and trying something new can help us escape from quarantine monotony. Regardless, remember that we’re all in this together! #WildcatsBelongHere #CWUTogether

Kiersten Kimminau is a Student Writer at the CWU Publicity Center. She is a Communication Studies major and student-athlete on the Cross Country & Track teams.

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