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Getting Social With Crafts

By Samantha Cabeza

A few weeks ago Campus Activities hosted a fun, interactive and social event that I had a blast attending — a virtual Paint Social! Make-and-take events are a safe way to get creative with other people. We signed up in advance, picked up our paint kits and then logged on the day of the event to paint together.

The Paint Social that was held Homecoming Week had over 40 attendees, and we all spent the night talking about our favorite shows, our puppers and cats, and what we were studying here in our time at CWU. 

We all were walked through how to paint Wellington’s memorable paw print that we all know and love. We painted the words “CWU Together,” a recent hashtag that has become one we use to bring people together. Even though us Wildcats have to distance ourselves from each other, we are still always together!

Personally, I didn’t paint the words and I accidentally mixed up the colors, and ended up just making it my own. But, I loved how the host made us feel like we could make it our own, and not feel bad about it.

I used my desk at home as my work station, but another way to have fun with these events is to do with a roommate, a friend or somebody you can hang out with while still physically distancing from them.

The host patiently waited for us to finish tracing our stencils, and then we began!

This was an interesting process. We printed out the image she sent us before the event and we colored the back of it with pencil. We then placed it on the canvas, and traced it. Voila! Wellington’s beautiful paw print appeared. 

Later on, we mixed our paints, and began to paint on the canvas. I am no artist, but that night at the event, I felt like I had been doing it for a really long time. I felt relaxed, and this event was a great way to clear my head after a long day of online classes.

The host made it so fun and exciting to be together in a group like this. People were chatting with each other and even some were together in person wearing masks. It really shows that the #CWUTogether is true!  

Thankfully, if you missed out on this event, there are more interactive ones like these coming up during Winter Quarter, and we would love to see you there!

Look out for more events in the future and next quarter by checking the #CWUTogether hashtag on Twitter and Facebook! Follow @CWUCampus and @cwuhype on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with events! 

CWU Wildcats agreed to share their art for a group photo!

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