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2021 Fall Concert Series

Written by Emma CrowE

Get back into the CWU spirit with the Fall Concert Series! Campus Activities has secured four artists to perform at the SURC this fall.

The concerts start at 8pm and are free for CWU students.

Check out the line-up below!

Cigman Fraud – Sept. 30

Cigman Fraud is an alternative band comprised of CWU students Andrew Parker, Shaun Howard, John Anderson, and Nate Goodman. They came together as a band a few months ago and really clicked.

They mostly play original music, but they do branch out and do covers from time to time.

In the future, they are planning to release an EP followed by a full album.

Support Cigman Fraud and show your #wildcatpride !

Phillip-Michael Scales – Oct. 7

Phillip-Michael Scales is a soulful singer-songwriter delivering folk, soul, blues, jazz, indie, and pop covers in addition to originals. He’s been featured in Rolling Stone France, traveled across the world for his music, and also happens to be the nephew of legend B.B. King.

Phillip-Michael Scales’ debut LP, Sinner-Songwriter, will be released on October 29, 2021 with Dixie Frog Records. Now’s your chance to see him in concert before his LP gets released!

SungBeats – Oct. 28

SungBeats is an award-winning beatboxer and live loop extraordinaire from NYC who has been developing his craft for almost two decades!

He creates high-energy music by sampling vocal sounds, and he doesn’t use any pre-recorded samples! Everything that he produces on stage is live.

SungBeats is not new to the performing scene. He is the first place winner of Appolo Night’s 80th season. He is also the 2018 American Loopstation Beatbox Champion and will move on to represent the United States at the Grand Beatbox Battle in 2021.

See the champion in person at the SURC!

Angie K. – Nov. 4

Angie Keilhauer was born in El Salvador but raised in Georgia. Her music is a smooth blend of Modern and Latin Country.

She was invited to audition for NBC’s The Voice after two years of touring and managed to turn three chairs. She went three rounds on the show with country superstar Blake Shelton as her coach!

Angie’s been touring consistently for the past eight years and has played over 1,000 live shows! Her newest single, Sunsets, has been added to some of the best mega-playlists for country music. You might also recognize her name from the Moana soundtrack. Angie’s 2017 duet with Jordan Fisher, Happily Ever After, has over 20 million streams!

Don’t miss out on the awesome conclusion to the Fall Concert Series!

To learn more about the Fall Concert Series, email Robbi.Goninan@cwu.edu

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