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How to celebrate Halloween as a student

Written by Star Diavolikis

Are you stuck on how to celebrate Halloween, especially since you are back on campus and don’t know where to start? Well, here are a few different things students can do.

Decorate your dorm!

The first and main thing you can do is decorate your dorm! Going to a dollar store has a lot of cheap decorations you can put together to create an amazing Halloween mood in your dorm. So far, I have glow in the dark spider web, a garland, purple mini lights and a fabric ghost to stick on my window for those outside to see. Also, there is a letter holder that says “Don’t wake the dead” that will be outside my dorm. I did get some items from Target and Fred Meyer, however they were all under $10 each.

Combining the spider webbing with my mini lights will create a glowing, spooky frame for my dorm window, and having the ghost hanging from the window will be a cute touch. The garland will be going around my dorm door along with my letter holder being beside my door.

Do some spooky makeup!

If you want to show your love for Halloween throughout the whole month of October, try doing some fun daily makeup! I have done a regular winged liner, and connected to the wing, I used eyeliner to create a spider web that frames my eye.

Other inspiration photos have had bat wings in place of where I had the spider web, or even a white ghost liner. A simple Google search can show many different fun takes on eye makeup for everyday wear! Check out this spiderweb eyeliner tutorial I did that’s also posted on our TikTok, @cwuhype!

Coloring sheets!

This does sound like a children’s activity, but coloring is actually a lot more fun than you remember. Taking a break to color some coloring sheets can be relaxing and let you decompress. There are multiple free coloring sheets anybody can print online, and coloring pencils are available in the Wildcat Shop.

If you want to branch out from just children’s coloring sheets, there are adult coloring books sold online. These can consist of intricate designs, movie or book themes and even cuss words. Though they may not be Halloween based, I’m sure they will still be fun.

Make fun drinks!

Do you go to coffee places for their flavored energy drinks? Well, make your own and add a spooky twist to it!

At a dollar store, there are most likely Halloween themed gummy candy that can be used to put in the candy. This could even extend to other candies like Sour Patch Kids, Skittles and so on.

My personal favorite that I do is I make a “shark attack” drink. In the drink, I mix blue raspberry and coconut flavoring with the Red Bull to give off tropical vibes. To top it off, I throw in some Swedish Fish and blue gummy sharks, and some raspberry syrup drizzle. There’s a shark attack!

Make some fun snacks!

Who can enjoy a holiday without snacks? I never could. There are multiple easy snacks students can make either in their dorm or community kitchen.

A classic (though it is usually made year-round) would be dirt cups. Many people are familiar with it – you had chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos in a cup, and stuck gummy worms in it. You can add a more realistic twist to it by preparing cherry Jell-O, adding in some heavy cream then pouring the prepared mixture in some flexible straws. Once chilled, you can squeeze out the “worm” into the “dirt” and have a creepy take on a childhood classic!

Attend some campus events!

If you have done all of these, or don’t have the ability to do some, or you’re simply bored of these, no sweat! CWU has your back. In October, CWU celebrates Halloween with a few different events. A highlight every year is the Haunting at Central event.

This event is a complete takeover of the SURC! The SURC will be decked out in Halloween decorations, and multiple events will go on throughout. There will be blacklight mini golf, escape rooms, caricature artists, a costume contest and the iconic Zombie Zone!

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