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Gift ideas for those who are into video games (when you know nothing about them)

Written by Star Diavolikis

A lot of people have friends or partners who have a specific interest that they aren’t familiar with, with a common one being gaming. Well lucky for you, I specialize in gaming and gift giving! Here’s a few gift ideas you can apply to their favorite game and make them happy.

  1. A collectors box

A lot of stores are starting to produce collectors boxes of certain popular games, such as this Legend of Zelda one, Animal Crossing and others. There’s even a collectors box for retro Super Mario!

  1. Models and figurines

This may be a given, but models and figurines of a character from their favorite game is a simple, easy gift to find! I have found figurines at a decent price range without them looking “cheap,” and they proudly sit on display at home!

If you’re not sure where to start in regards to looking for models or figurines, I would suggest FunkoPop ones! While I personally don’t enjoy the style, they are a safe choice for anybody into gaming or any pop culture for that matter.

  1. Accessories and clothing

Who doesn’t love scarves, hats and fuzzy socks in the winter? There are a lot of companies that produce merchandise solely for games, and almost always have a beanie, scarf or set of socks in their collection.

When I went to a gaming convention this year, I bought this Lesser Dog scarf from the Undertale series! It is a little more than just a simple scarf with the logo on it, however may be the move if your partner is a big fan of a series. If they want more simple merch, hats or anything with a small logo like this Skyrim snapback would work perfectly!

  1. Home decor

Recently, there has been a rise in gaming home decor that actually looks good rather than something for a child’s bedroom. I enjoy items that light up since I hate the dark, and items such as LED lights or glowing figurines are amazing. The recent trend in merch are these light up nightlights where the actual image is lit while on a clear base, and I’m so here for it. This Legend of Zelda one is definitely on my wishlist.

  1. Gift card

When it boils down to the basics, a gift card for their gaming console will always be a perfect go-to. I have put gifts together where I get unrelated items and wrap it up with a $25 gift card to their preferred gaming console/company. This also feeds into the fact that it gives them a choice of what their gift can be.

I personally love the idea of giving either gift cards or straight cash – it provides an opportunity for me to choose what I want to get, and could pay towards an item that costs a lot. I recently did this, as my dad got me a gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond – when he meant to give me one for Bath & Body Works – and I used it to pay towards a pricey blanket I’ve wanted for a few years.

However, if you’re unsure if they will like any of these gifts, don’t be afraid to ask! It’s always a good idea to ask and be sure you get something they like. Happy holidays!

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