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5 Bullet Journaling Spreads I Include When Setting up for a New Year

Written by Zoe Whittaker-Jameson

Developed by Ryder Carroll in 2013, bullet journaling started as a way to be productive and organized to best fit your personal needs. Bullet journaling is a form of do-it-yourself planner that is customizable and handwritten by you. Many users include everything from their ideal schedules to ratings of recent books they have read. The beauty of a bullet journal and what draws so many in is that you can make it whatever you need it to be.

I was introduced to bullet journaling in 2018. I was mesmerized by the creative spreads and artwork that so many people included. I’ve always been someone who loved to make lists, be creative, and have everything I need all in one place. I finally started my first bullet journal in 2019. The beginning of a new journal typically has a few common features, such as a “year at a glance” to preview months and days ahead of time and note when any important dates are coming up, “new years resolutions” or goals for the new year, and inspirational quotes to name a few. I love to include additional spreads to track things in my life and get the year started off on a great foot.

Whether you are new to bullet journaling or are looking for inspiration for the upcoming year, here are my top 5 spreads I like to include in my bullet journal.


I dedicate a page to my “Bests” of the year. I make a section for every month, and as I go through the year, I will write down my favorite moments. Whether it be visiting a new museum, getting to visit with family, or trying a new restaurant, getting to think back to all the positive things that happened in the past year is such a fun reminder.

Things to try

Have I mentioned before that I love lists? This is definitely one I never leave out. Personally, I include a list of recipes I want to try, books I want to read, movies to watch, places to visit.

When did I last…

Mostly for my forgetful mind, I use this spread to keep track of the things I need to do that happen semi-regularly. Things like replacing my toothbrush, washing my blankets, vacuuming my car, etc.


A list of birthdays is also something I keep at the beginning of my bullet journal to easily flip to. When I make my monthly spreads, I like to create my own calendar and include important dates like holidays and birthdays. I never want to forget one of my loved ones birthday, and sometimes the Facebook birthday reminders don’t cut it!

Reminders to Myself

As a college student I often feel like I’m getting pulled in a million directions. It’s hard to take moments for myself and remember who I am and what I l love doing. I love to create this spread and add on it throughout the year when I can. I include prompts that ask me who I am, what inspires me, things I like doing, what I look forward to, what helps me, and what describes me

Bullet journaling is something that has helped me tremendously with feeling organized and centered with myself. If it’s something you are interested in started, I highly recommend it, and hope you found something you can include in yours.

One response to “5 Bullet Journaling Spreads I Include When Setting up for a New Year”

  1. I love how you use the dots as a guide, but you don’t let them affect where you place your words. Me, I try too hard to ‘stay within the lines’, so to speak, which is why I prefer blank pages so that I won’t feel obligated to do that. I also love how straightforward and usable your spreads are, instead of just being super artsy. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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