Wild Fest After Party Outfit Inspo

By Star Diavolikis

Once you wind down from the events of Wild Fest, whether it be simply laying out on Barto Lawn or snacking at the barbecue as you listen to all the artists on the schedule, you have to prep for the After Party!

The After Party is where you will really vibe and have a good time, especially if more upbeat music and dancing is the way you want to go.

Here is a little gallery of outfit inspo for the After Party, taking place at 10 p.m. in the SURC Ballroom!

Here, Street Team member Jackson Sorensen is modeling a full reflective fit! Get the attention as you dance and have a good time, blinding everybody with your style.

Here, I am modeling a comfortable, fun outfit of a skirt (with pockets!), low top, dramatic eyeliner and tall white platform boots. The accessory involved to keep it simple yet flashy is a rhinestone heart choker. Be an edgy icon as you jam out to the music from Apollo, apa, and Sp3rrow!

Model: Star Diavolikis

If the shirt is a bit much, that’s totally understandable. Throw on a cropped hoodie and give off skater punk vibes – bonus points if there are intentional tears in it like mine.

Jackson is modeling a more laid back, loose and comfortable fit of a stylish sparkly kimono, fan and accompanying headband. Just because you’re at an event doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable!

I’m wearing a black skirt with red ribbons and a cropped sleeveless shirt, with one theme in mind: red accents. You can do this with any color – having accents of one or two colors throughout makes it look more put together!

One thing to note is we don’t have any bags with us! Bags and re-entry are not allowed – no need to sneak in snacks or water, it’ll be provided. Come hang out and end the year with a good time!

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