About Hype


Hype It Up!

We are a team of CWU students and professionals with one common goal: to get you involved in student events and activities.

We give you the details for all of the student events each quarter, and produce the quarterly printed HYPE publication that can be found throughout the SURC.

From open mic nights and Monday Movie Madness to famous comedians and hip-hop shows, we’ve got the HYPE right here. Follow along, and don’t miss out on life outside of the classroom!

Student Team

Professional Staff


Left to right: Lola Gallagher, Hayley Harrell, Ricki Towner, Justin Beckman

The Publicity Center

The Publicity Center is located in the Student Union and Recreation Center at the heart of CWU’s campus. As the go to creative agency for promoting campus events, we take our work seriously and have fun doing it!

In addition to working with CWU students and staff on design, video, marketing and writing projects, we have a street team that helps create more buzz and awareness about campus events and offer digital advertising in the Student Union. We’re here to help students get involved and connected to the many opportunities available to them. Stop by our Hype table in the SURC and tune in to 88.1 The ‘Burg hear the latest roundup of events.

Event Survey

Do you know where to find information about on-campus events? Do you wish that there was another way to learn about on-campus events and activities? What would make you more likely to attend events on campus?

The CWU Publicity Center wants your feedback! Your answers to this short survey will help us strengthen our publicity programs, ensuring that you get ALL of the details about events on campus that are open to faculty, staff, alumni and community members.



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