CWU B2B Represents at Regional Summit

The Student African American Brotherhood/Brother 2 Brother organization (SAAB/B2B) provides young men from all backgrounds a means of social and academic support; they’re passionate, compassionate, and they’re concerned about your collegiate success. Here at Central, the brotherhood is strong. Dr. Bledsoe and SAAB spokesperson Dondrė Whitfield. Photo credit: Mr. Tyree Vance, Advance Image “When youContinue reading “CWU B2B Represents at Regional Summit”

Your School, Your Town, Your Community

Experience Ellensburg and Get Involved with CLCE’s “Kittitas Connect” Did you ever study algebra? Of course you did; you’re in college right now, so algebra must have been a part of the academic path that led you here. It has been a long time since I studied math (and as a writer and English majorContinue reading “Your School, Your Town, Your Community”

Farewell and Bon Voyage, See You in the Fall

Do you have a summer job? Summer jobs are great. They offer you escape; they’re an opportunity to live a completely different life for a couple months. You finish your finals, put your books away, and completely refocus your energy and efforts until it’s time to return to school in the fall. My summer jobContinue reading “Farewell and Bon Voyage, See You in the Fall”

Orchesis Dance Company Shines Bright on Thursday Night

Backstory: I grew up in Forks. “Pre-Twilight,” practically none of you would have had a clue where that is. In this “Post-Twilight” era, however, you all know of the town I’m referring to; and to offer a proactive answer to the question that is undoubtedly on the tip of your lip, no, I am notContinue reading “Orchesis Dance Company Shines Bright on Thursday Night”