Welcoming Celebrated Author and Vietnam Veteran Tim O’Brien to CWU: NEA Big Read Event

April 25 • 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
McConnell Auditorium • Free

As part of the National Endowment for the Arts Big Read event, CWU will host the award-winning author of “The Things They Carried,” Tim O’Brien. CWU is the only university in the Pacific Northwest to receive the Big Read Grant.

O’Brien, a Purple Heart recipient, crafts interrelated short stories about his experiences as a Vietnam Veteran. “The Things They Carried“, a book that has impacted readers from all walks of life, blends fact with fiction and portrays different perspectives of the same event, taking readers on an insightful journey about not only warfare but also the contrast between the truth and reality soldiers face during war.  Continue reading

Why Lion Rock Rocks: Please Welcome Dr. Terry Martin

Even though I know what the Lion Rock Visiting Writers Series at CWU is, when I hear “Lion Rock” my mind always conjures up an image of Pride Rock from “The Lion King.”


So, for those who don’t know what “Lion Rock” is, let me get the Pride Rock imagery out of your head and let you know what’s up. It has nothing to do with Lions or Rocks, so go figure, but I’m not “Lion” when I say it “Rocks!” Wow, let’s move past that.

The Lion Rock Visiting Writers Series at CWU brings writers from all over to share their work at CWU. There are usually three visitors every quarter, ranging from poets to nonfiction writers to novelists. Each visitor gives a reading of his or her work, which are always free to attend. Not only are Lion Rock readings an opportunity for students, staff and the community to get a new and fresh perspective on literature, but they’re also a chance to meet the writer and ask him or her about their work. And, if that’s not enough incentive (which it should be, hello!) if you’re taking an English class, your professor will generally give you extra credit for attending.

The next writer to join the Lion Rock lineup will be CWU’s very own Dr. Terry Martin, who teaches English and has had three books of poetry published as well as publishing poems, essays and articles in hundreds of publications. She received CWU’s Distinguished Professor Teaching Award, as well as the CASE/Carnegie Professor of the Year Award.

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Join Dr. Martin for her reading Tuesday, Jan. 27 at 7:30 p.m. in the Wildcat Shop. Bring your friends, bring your significant other, bring whoever: everyone is welcome at Pride Rock, er, Lion Rock!

New Fall Hypes hitting newsstands soon!

Fall Quarter 2014 Hypes will be here next week! Be sure to grab one to find out about all the great events and programs happening at Central! Copies will be in all the Residence Hall mailboxes, throughout the SURC and campus, and online right here on this blog – just look in the right hand column -> 


CWU’s Symposium on University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE)

SOURCE, the Symposium On University Research and Creative Expression, takes place this Thursday, May 15, from 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m in the CWU Student Union and Recreation Center (SURC). There are over 350 presentations from students, faculty and staff. That’s 350 new things to learn and experience all in one day! Wow! Music, museum, math, Manastash, Mexico, minerals and mountains! Those are just topics that start with M!

On Thursday, stop by the SOURCE desk outside the Ballroom on the 2nd floor of the SURC so that we can point you in the direction of something that interests you. Be prepared to be amazed by our incredible students.

Information is available at http://www.cwu.edu/source. You can also search the entire schedule at Brooks Library digital commons: http://digitalcommons.cwu.edu/source/2014/

See you Thursday!
Kara Gabriel, SOURCE Committee Chair


Slam Poet Karen Finneyfrock and Slam Poetry Competition Tonight!

Looking for something different to do tonight? Slam poet Karen Finneyfrock is coming to perform as a part of the Lion Rock Visiting Writers Series, and you don’t want to miss it! Come out at 7:30 p.m. to the SURC Theatre to hear her reading, and be sure to check out her books “Ceremony for the Choking Ghost” and “The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door” for sale now in The Wildcat Shop. Admission is free!



Before the show, there will be a slam poetry competition from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the SURC Pit. Whether coming to watch or to compete, this competition is sure to showcase some of CWU’s most talented poets. The winner of the competition will get to read his or her poem as the opening for Finneyfrock’s performance.