Students of Color Summit: Agents of Change

Excitement, friendships and the drive to create change and positive influences are just a few things that the Students of Color Summit generated at CWU earlier this month. On the first weekend of April, CWU partnered with the Washington Student Association to host over 224 students from 13 universities and schools to celebrate diversity and inclusivityContinue reading “Students of Color Summit: Agents of Change”

Get to know the 2015-2016 ASCWU Student Government

The Associated Students of Central Washington University (ASCWU) Student Government is elected by the student body on an annual basis. This governance entity works to represent the student voice on all levels at the university. If you want to get involved, ASCWU is your best resource, so stop by SURC 236 anytime or visit reading “Get to know the 2015-2016 ASCWU Student Government”

Elections are here, don’t forget to vote

Hey Wildcats, check your email. I know you don’t want to, but trust me, it’s important. You should have one telling you to vote, and in it, there’s this pretty cool poster. If you click on it, viola! You’re transported to CWU’s online voting ballot. (Psssst, here’s what the poster looks like) Now, I knowContinue reading “Elections are here, don’t forget to vote”

New Fall Hypes hitting newsstands soon!

Fall Quarter 2014 Hypes will be here next week! Be sure to grab one to find out about all the great events and programs happening at Central! Copies will be in all the Residence Hall mailboxes, throughout the SURC and campus, and online right here on this blog – just look in the right handContinue reading “New Fall Hypes hitting newsstands soon!”

Have you met the new ASCWU-BOD?

The Associated Students of Central Washington University Board of Directors (ASCWU-BOD) serves as CWU’s student body government. The Board consists of seven elected student officers who work hard to represent all students equally and fairly and to ensure that their voices are heard. From facilities to academics, the ASCWU-BOD helps advocate for student concerns and createContinue reading “Have you met the new ASCWU-BOD?”