What to Watch This Spring Break

By Wyatt Langstraat What strange times that we live in. Over the course of the last two weeks, COVID-19 has gone from something overseas that we were aware of to a virus that has completely changed the way that we live. So, now that we have an extended spring break, for better or for worse,Continue reading “What to Watch This Spring Break”

The Hype Team’s New Year’s Resolutions

By Olivia Birg Happy New Year, everybody!! We’re kicking off 2020 right with New Year’s Resolutions! Hype wants to share their goals for the new year with you so here’s what they said… Griff Bellah (Freshman/ Video Team) : “I’m going to practice for auditions for study abroad an hour every night, give three randomContinue reading “The Hype Team’s New Year’s Resolutions”

Curtain Call: CWU’s Broadway Red Curtain Revue

It’s not every day that the best of Broadway is brought to your campus and performed to a level that mirrors the pros–but that’s exactly what happened in the McConnell Theatre this past weekend. From the opening number of “Live in Living Color” to the energetic ending of “Footloose,” the show never wavered in entertainmentContinue reading “Curtain Call: CWU’s Broadway Red Curtain Revue”

This year’s Giving Tree was a fruitful harvest

When the Giving Tree was erected on Nov. 8, there were 362 tags dangling from the green, leafy limbs. Inscribed on each small piece of paper were the holiday wishes of boys and girls at elementary schools across Kittitas County. A full month later, presents of all shapes and sizes now line the walls of theContinue reading “This year’s Giving Tree was a fruitful harvest”