Women’s HERstory Celebration

By Kiersten Kimminau The month of March is annually recognized as Women’s History Month to highlight the contributions of women to history, culture and contemporary society. At CWU, we don’t want the celebration to stop just yet…I mean honestly, should it ever really stop? After all, women are friggin dope! Central’s Diversity and Equity CenterContinue reading “Women’s HERstory Celebration”

Black History Month 2021

By Kiersten Kimminau Journalist, professor and former civil rights era activist Charles E. Cobb Jr. once said, “The way the public understands the civil rights movement can be boiled down to one sentence: Rosa sat down, Martin stood up, then the white folks saw the light and saved the day.” Well, by now we shouldContinue reading “Black History Month 2021”

Get Your Craft On With Campus Activities

Campus Activities is bringing Wildcats more make and takes this quarter! Last quarter we made super cute CWU Together Wildcat paw print paintings, and this quarter we all made a winter-themed painting with a penguin in a scarf. If you haven’t tried a make and take event with Campus Activities, read on to learn whatContinue reading “Get Your Craft On With Campus Activities”

Monday Movie Madness Flicks

Catch a movie with other CWU students every Monday this quarter! You can join the event in your pajamas at home! Campus Activities is hosting virtual options, and the join link will be posted on Instagram (@cwucampusactivities) one hour prior to the movie. Movies start at 7 p.m. every Monday. Check out the list belowContinue reading “Monday Movie Madness Flicks”

Quarantine Activities To Do In Your Dorm/Apartment

By Samantha Cabeza Welcome back, Wildcats! For those of you here in Ellensburg, you have had to quarantine this past week and will need to for just a little bit longer. We’ve got some ideas and activities to keep yourself busy for the time being as quarantine continues. Or, if you are reading this atContinue reading “Quarantine Activities To Do In Your Dorm/Apartment”