6 Solutions to Last Year’s Problems (a.k.a. the New Year Resolution Post)

Last year's problem: I couldn't find a healthy routine This year's solution: Get plugged into a group fitness class at the Recreation Center Don't let the post-holiday grind get you down! Did you know that the Recreation Center is currently offering eleven different types of group fitness classes this quarter? You can experience any of these [...]

10 Ways to Spread Cheer this Holiday Season

By Aubrey Schultz 1. Watch a Christmas Movie Christmas movies are the BEST way to feel the Christmas spirit. There’s nothing quite like sitting down on the couch on a chilly December night with loved ones and laughing your butt of while Buddy the Elf tries to give a raccoon a hug, or crying while [...]

Holiday Gift Ideas for each Zodiac Sign

By Ariel Bender, Capricorn ll, Office Assistant/Publicity Center The holidays are a time filled with friends, family, and gifts. It can be hard to find the right gift for every person in your life. With my fascination for the Zodiac Signs, I decided to compile a list of the best gifts for each sign! These [...]


By: Jakob Wachter Now that Halloween is behind us and everybody is thinking to the future, some people have chosen to ditch their spooky fall vibes and embrace the holiday spirit already! I’m already seeing people in ugly holiday sweaters and socks singing down the walkways on campus to Mariah Carey and The Biebs. This [...]

The Dead Gave Me Life: Reflecting on Día de los Muertos

By Jason Morales - I laughed when I knew I was going to be late for the Día de los Muertos procession. I couldn’t help it, it was like I was destined to be late. I was driving 40 on the 25, and I quickly ran through the traffic light as it was in mid [...]